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....Of course it's all in the hopes of not repeating them next year. I enjoying lying to myself as well? So, lets get ready to do it one more time. Also, speaking of "one more time " , If your local NYE DJ drops that track, bring me his or her head for a handsome reward.

Moving forward, as some of you may or may not know there is an orgy of NYE events to attend this year in the Bean. However, when I say orgy, I am thinking senior aged swingers, in Tampa wearing animal masks .Furthermore, they are deciding if the Quiche at the pre- sex buffet is edible.
Now, if that doesn't get your palette going nothing this evening will. Perhaps, it's a little too soon to joke?
However, all innuendo's aside, I have been told that variety is the spice of life.

Boston, I give you N.Y.E!

Red Carpet New Year @ The Alchemist


Amid, the 10 + DJ parties speckled across the city this evening , The Alchemist gives you four.
However, not without asking us this very simple question,
"Is less more?" I fear , I will not be given the answer. However, if anyone is heading out there this evening , key me into to what goes up, down and all around.

NYE Bash@ Croma


"Be a Supermodel, be a billionaire, Pirate, Celebrity, anything !"
or you could just be what I'm about to be in one more sentence. That's right, you guessed it!

p.s most uninspired image of Madonna ever. If anything, you missed
"Be a Tranny" which is a far better option than any of the above mentioned.

Bassic Does New Years Eve


I love the Goodlife's shady cave of mayhem. Otherwise known, as the dance -floor.
Our last experience there was epic, to say the least. Obviously given the nature of the evening , I would def say that this would be something to look into , if you like adult grade fun with minimum fuss.

NYE @ Rise


Simply put, not for all the E in China. Well, maybe....

Heroes @ TT's


I would consider Heroes to be our left field option this evening. However, I think sometimes we need a break from the monotomy sometimes found in the usual options. We all know that given the length of time Mr Ewen has spent behind the decks , you can expect to hear the best of best in 80's , new wave, retro, and everything else related.
But then again, aren't we just getting out of exploiting the 90's?

Regardless, friends , frienemies, and just good ole fashioned enemies , these are some options for Boston this NYE. If i missed anything ... sorry about that?


This is set to the best New Year's Eve in quite some time...usually (like most of us) I stay in for amateur hour, but now that we are on that tip dot info, I think it's fair to say that this year's "amateur hour" will be kicked up more than a few notches. I plan to start at FTW's FUCK 2008 at Privus, for which I've styled the 9:30 runway show with clothes from Rescue and Maya Made It. (Roguewaves are also DJing Throwed later in the night...nuh uh uh, double booked!)

If you would like to know how much I love YOU, dear tip readers...I have given up my New Year's action for your satisfaction! Working my magic at Privus guarantees I will be away from my other half for most of the night, as he will be spinning indie tunes with his longtime pill partner DJ Ken. I encourage you to stop by there as well, and round out your already absurd evening plans. Let the shitshow(s) begin!

So, apart from this being one of the more-hyped parties (250+ in attendance) on New Year's Eve (just got wind of this being mentioned in the Weekly Dig), I'm hoping yall will make it out to this after seeing us at Privus Lounge. Justin and I are double-booked.

Our apologies for not being able to post lately - we've been fuckennn slammed with busywork over the weekend preparing for the madness that is NYE. Please come out and show your support. We'll also be recording everything for an ON THAT TIP New Year's documentary.

Leave the house!

Come to Great Scott tonight...time to replace the holiday hangover with a real hangover. 

ON THAT TIP just wants to remind you that we have a heart & wish you a happy holiday season.

Here's your gift:

"It's Not Really Cold When it Snows" - The Russian Futurists
(99.8% chance of makin yall happy)

Come shut it down with FTW and ONTHATTIP.INFO ...the DJs are not to be missed, including our own Rogue Waves and recent guest contributor Domonique (scroll down a couple of posts to download her exclusive winter mix). I'll be styling the 9:30 runway show, modeled by all the girls you try to creep on at every Circus.

I'm going to be celebrating my partner-in-crime Michael V's 30th birthday tomorrow, even though J-Christ typically steals all the 12/25 birthday props. In fact, I am off to go retrieve an unhideably large present from its mystery location right now.

Happy holidays from ONTHATTIP.INFO, your refuge from "family time" since 2008.

xxxThe Fashist Dictator
Sup yall.
The coveted "ON THAT TIP Best Video of the Year 2008" award goes to Empire of the Sun motherfucking Chris Dane Owens' unworldly single "Shine on Me".

(yes, this music/video was actually produced in 2008)

On a real tip, though, let's give it up for SALEM for successfully managing to make music that emulates what heroin kind of feels like.

Crunching bass lines, eerie synth stabs and reverb-drenched vocals? Sign me the fuck up.

"Dirt" - SALEM

Expect a big wrap-up article for this year soon enough, yall.

Photo by Lara Callahan

Well actually… its a bit of minimal, progressive and dirty/ tech house and electro if you want to be exact… with a little break thrown in here and there… but who’s being nit picky!?

When I was trying to put together the track list for this blog, I thought “Ok, so I suppose its an end of year review and I should throw in all the bangers and hits of 2008”, as a sort of nostalgic look back on all our joyous mashed nights out that bring back whatever memory we do have of the weekends we all so love. Everyone has their own favorite hits & classics that make you fall in love with any DJ that drops it at that perfect time when you’ve just put back the 4th shot of Jager at the bar – running, arms flailing, and grabbing the hand of the nearest person to you and dragging them to the dance floor where you proceed to dance uncontrollably until its time for another cigarette or drink.

But instead of putting together a mini mix packed with the likes of the Crookers, L.A Riots and all those acts that just killed it this year... basically full of the songs that everyone has probably downloaded off Solar Seek already. I thought fuck it... let me share some of MY obscure taste in favorite tunes with you.

Looking through my most played tracks from my sets at Circus, The Goodlife and Therapy (if any of you made it out to the Haunted Porterhouse it was BANGING to hear these dark baselines on that system!!) I compiled this hour long minimal/ progressive/ tech mix with some nice warm baselines to get your mind off the ever rising snow levels outside. Its a nice memory for me of some of the tracks I've so loved playing throughout the year.

You can stream it live from my myspace video below:

Check out this video: Domonique - Something for the Snow

Or download the high quality mix from rapidshare:

So here’s a little holiday present from me to you…. <3

Domonique - Something for the Snow (December 2008)

1) Love Dose (Luciano Remix) - Argy
2) I Cant Get Up - Martin Landsky
These two are old favourites of mine from ’05.
3) Beware of the Bird (Justin Martin Remix) - Claude Von Stroke
This track has probably been by far this year my favourite and probably my signature tune, because I always play it out… nothing to be said, just listen!
4) Stoopit - The Martin Brothers
5) Open Your Eyes – Spencer Parker
Another ’05 favourite
6) They Forgot It (feat. Monique Bingham – Jake Childs Stagnate Dub) – Tarantulaz
OM Records classic from last year, when they released a pile of amazing tech remixes.
7) We Fail – Deadmau5
I had to give credit to the man with the mouse head that blew me away last year. And seeing him play in Boston live over the summer was even better!
8) I Want Yu 2 Hear Me (Audiofly Remix) – Yoshimoto
Ah, another OM Records.
9) Da Bump (Ame Remix) – Me V. feat Miss Patty
One of my all time favourite minimal tunes is Ame’s – Rej. I like this one being kinda bouncy.
10) Don’t Want Chu Now – Fred Everything
One more OM Records (I like that label)
11) What Else is There (Trentemoller Remix) – Royksopp
Im not sure about here, but across the pond in the land of tea (England) I heard this song about every half an hour… and I still love it!
12) His Music (Marks Bouncing Is Fun Remix) – Mark Mendes
13) Matchbox – Oliver Huntemann
14) Blink – John Dahlback
John Dahlback is one of my favourite producers along with John Tejada, who I don’t have in the mix but neet to give credit to. Both of them fill up my iTunes Most Played List.
15) Contact – Dataworx
Dataworx never disappoints. They’ve nailed the bassline.
16) Harder, Faster, Stronger (Deadmau5 Edit) – Daft Punk
Ive heard many remixes of this song and I always said its too soon to bring it back, but I like this one!
17) Make Some Noise (Less Is More) – Bart B More
18) My Friend Dario (Dima Prefers New Beat) [Vocal Intro] – Vitalic

Thanks to ONTHATTIP for sharing their cyberspace, and I can’t wait to say “FUCK 2008” on NEW YEARS EVE at Privus, along side Rogue Waves, Fantastadon, James Matheson, Jeff Gil, B.Rich, Mr. Matt and Soul Clap. Fashions shows, champagne, music, shiny disco balls... and friends!

Its gonna be banger people!!! (Keep your ears peeled, because you just might hear me singing!!)

Forever Yours


Now,for something totally unrelated to sledding down comm. ave in your friends Toyota, just so you can get your Sweat on

"i heard a rumor somewhere that black people like chicken.... thank you McDonalds for confirming this"


p.s ...cocksuckers ...

" oh and the art is ok "
- anonymous

With that said, you can't really come for any association ,who's sole purpose to provide a room that offers a healthier enviroment for a young child to grow in. Hopefully , that amounts in one less self obsorbed egomaniac starting a blog. I think we all know there are more creative ways to get back at daddy.

Your dictator is a busy girl these days...and of course, just when I told you I wouldn't be posting, I had the chance to sit down for a few and catch up with Mike Tran. Mike is half of the duo behind TheNightSociety, a line of t-shirts that is set to launch on Friday at the last SWEAT at The Estate. The launch party is worth checking out for many other reasons- Hot Pink Delorean EP release, Jay K from So Dope!, the fact that the night is FREE before 11:30 so you can spend your cover on Jameson/ginger ale and connie. But I'll let Mister Girl stay on that tip. Let's talk about the clothes...
Businessman Tran and graphic designer Kyle Brandse were the ones who brought us the Cashmoney Distribution line, which is no longer in production. To me, Cashmoney logos and shirt designs lay somewhere between neon signs, a diamond/platinum grillpiece, and 3-d softcore on X, so I first asked Tran to tell me how The Night Society plans to keep it new and different. "More aggressive," he answered. "Clean, basic, artistic." And it's true- the designs are still loud, but sharper and more linear. I can't, in good conscience, use the word "sophisticated" to describe any line with a t-shirt that says "Pop Bottles Fuck Models", but the graphics are all grown up. Cash Money was the cool, cute new kid to Night Society's full blown shot caller. We know that Brandse can do neon and half-naked women, but to see him absolutely kill it with the text interlock/placement on the shirt below shows me that his fundamentals are also well intact. We also share the sentiment here at ONTHATTIP.INFO.
Night Society Photo by Lara Callahan

As for Tran's favorite shirt design, good luck prying that one out of him..."I'm torn between I Like It Rough, and Party Like Us," he laughs, "for the loud ones. And obviously the We Grind All Day And Fuckin' Ball shirts." Good thing he settled on a favorite that wasn't even included in that list, shown b elow left. I will admit, this is my #1 as well, and what I will be nabbing, but in the interest of variety here is a close competitor on the right.
Kyle Brandse, Night Society Photos by Lara Callahan

How will you wear your Night Society? I plan to destroy- I mean customize- my shirt, and rock it with a sloppy cardigan, acid wash jeans, and towering heels, since not all of us can pull off the quintessential "Brandse bandanna, bottle and cocked brim" version of the look. Show me what you come up with, and keep your eye on Mike Tran, Kyle Brandse, and The Night Society. These boys know how to hustle.
I promise you stars that my post infrequency is due to planning the upcoming fashion show, to take place at the FTW FUCK 2008 New Year's Eve Party! I'll be styling wild individualized looks, for some of my favorite faces, with pieces from Rescue and Maya Made It. When you're just starting to get an early buzz, glamazon girls will strut by in impeccable costume with Rogue Waves of ONTHATTIP.INFO on audio. Yes, we love you.

Speaking of our fashion show, I am excited to show off Rescue's quirky, effortless, and affordable style, and equally lucky to have the serially talented Maya adding some of her pieces to the lineup. I went to visit her at her workspace today on a secret spy mission (well, not secret forever, but until I have her blessing. If I showed you, she'd have to kill me). I wanted to  bring my camera, but she was hard at work and I'm not one to interfere.

The fashion show is going to be killer.

Kara, Tobey Van O, Saf  Photo by Lara Callahan

New talent Tobey Van O (as sandwiched above), the man behind my newly lightened locks, will be working our models' hair. Curious, unique looks on the runway. Maya, whom the phrase "local designer" does no justice. I really don't want to overload you with F I E R C E until New Year's Eve. Bear with me during the posting freeze, and join FTW, ONTHATTIP.INFO, and a slew of sick DJs, come December 31st. We will bring it and we know you will, too.

Casey, I wanted to post the updated flyer, but since it's not on facebook yet, I'm going to use this magnificent Blob Fish as a place holder. Any readers who would prefer a flyer to the Blob Fish's timeless allure, definitely let Casey Rankin know.

Stunning Photo via


This was meant to be. Jeppe (1/2 Junior Senior) teams up with Classixx to produce this absolutely killer track. I had a friend send me this out of the blue - it's not scheduled to be released for at least another six months. Does that make this a 2008 or 2009 exclusive? Does this still count since it's the Royal Rumble remix (TIP: It's not even on their MySpace yet)? Do you authentically like bass? So many questions.

Classixx ft. Jeppe - I'll Get U (Royal Rumble Edit)

All of the (now-defunct) Junior Senior talk got me wondering - what the fuck is the other guy up to? Apparently, he signed to Kitsune and is producing things like this:

I don't know how I've let all of this slip under the radar. I also don't know why I've been keeping such a fervent tab on DE DE MOUSE remixes.

if i was smart i would stop and start there. However, I think most of you understand the nature of this blog. I understand that we have been dodging around the true events of what happened last Saturday the 6th of December. Let me be the first to tell you that the title of this post has been the first accurate title i have done since we started this nonsense.


However, let me direct your attention to the character, on the left. That's right ladies and gentlemen ; Drop The Lime. I'm sure some of you noticed, that on our original flyer mr "lime" was not mentioned, but somehow wound up behind our decks to close out the evening, but we'll get to all of that later

<span class=

I have to say ,privus is always a win, and quiet honestly I always write that . I suppose that the launch party would be different for me , for obvious reasons. Starting at the beginning I guess you could say the roguewaves set was on point , although young there is a distinct maturity steadily becoming apparent in their sets and mixes. Speaking of which DJ Die Young's set highlighted his impending ascent into DJ greatness, keeping everyone including myself on the tips of our toes so to speak. Never, to be undone Michael V rounded out things, filling in the gaps where the others did not.

<span class=

Now, we get to the interesting part of our night , and I could go on about how epic, noteworthy and how Broman and I were standing on a chair throwing up gun signs screaming
"Fuck Yeah, POP POP POP"

<span class=

instead, I'm just going to say this.


<span class=

goodnight and good fight




s0 kawaii :3

If you didn't know yet, On That Tip's resident DJs / columnists (ROGUEWAVES) (aka Mister Girl and Zak Broman) are going to playing New Year's Eve under Throwed with our good friend E-Marce.




PS. Yall should check out CAMPUS tonight because we're probably doing the after party for that, too

I think.
Now that I feel like I have your undivided attention , let's get moving into a couple of key events that are going on this week. First and foremost, I can't 100% promise the same level of intensity, drunkenness, and fist-pumping action of last Saturday. Believe me, even I am almost tired of hearing about "it", talking about "it", and ultimately fantasizing about "it". However, we were seriously on that tip, and it really was that good. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, and are horrified by my excessive use of the word it, soon you will know and understand. However, up until we reach that point , here's some stuff that might be worth tip-toeing around.

Tonight, instead of the usual monthly offerings of Helleauxx, the (not-so) Enormous Room gives us:

Funk Summit, Wednsday, December 10th


I'm not too sure about this offering from Boston's largest tiny bar/ lounge/ nightclub. However, Mr. Wesley knows about the funk in the truest sense, and well enough for me to recommend for The Council, to send him a complimentary Black Card (you know what i mean ). What I'm really saying is why the fuck not?

Moving forward, Thursday is looking like its going to be a good one and this will be the first time I break my cardinal rule, which is no first person shot outs, but who the fuck cares, I like to think this guy deserves it:

So, Happy B-day Mr. Kennison! i.e So Dope, Thursday December 11th


This time I'm not going to give any lofty praises or any of that shit . It is his B-day with Mayday and its probably going to be fucking awesome. Enough said.

And finally, the lay-man's Tuesday comes around, niggas and bitches let's talk about...

Friday, December 12th


I'll go on record and say that I hate christmas (notice the lowercase spelling). So obviously anything christmas related I'm not really trying to have anything to do with. If you feel the opposite I would highly recommend Mr Mencia's show.

Not to be outdone, across the way we have Thunderdome taking place at our favorite ex-hardcore show dungeon (Greek American Political Club). I'm kind of excited about the prospect of getting to sit on Santa's lap one more time, and if they throw in some "snow" bunnies I'm totally sold.

Remember, it's a movement.


...and after all of the holiday enriched Friday events, let's get back to some real sinnin' and of course this means Boston's newest and finest weekly...

Circus, Saturday, December 13th


And what can I say, every time I write about this shit, I am ultimately left with no choice but to find as many creative ways possible to essentially write: "these are our boys, and that aside they never disappoint." Especially after the EPIC FUCKING WIN last Saturday, I would go out on a limb to say they just made it that much harder. However, I'm not letting them off that easy, so I'll say this, Ringmasters of Circus:



I would talk about how absolutely batshit insane of a weekend this was (especially the launch party after 11:30pm), but I had a few people ask me what song I closed out the ROGUEWAVES set with. It happens to be one of my personal faves from Shinichi Osawa, who remixed DEDEMOUSE this past summer.

DEDEMOUSE - Light Night Dance (Shinichi Osawa Remix)

As for this weekend, I want to thank Michael V and DJ Die Young for coming out and playing with us.

Cheers yall.
The ONTHATTIP.INFO Launch Party hosted by Circus last night was SO EPIC...I will leave the full nightlife report to our sexy resident traincrash Mister Girl, but if you missed it, you missed one of the best parties I'e been to this year....

What Brooklyn DJ was supposed to spin a party across the street, but was nicked by an FTW bandit and closed out ONTHATTIP.INFO @ Circus - for free - to a packed dancefloor?


Thank you for making the night, and keep checking us out here at ONTHATTIP.INFO to see Lara Callahan's photos and Mister Girl's evening in review, and to learn the identity of our shadowy blind item man.

The Fashist Dictator

PS: If anyone knows who Lisa Janine is, she won the $50 Rescue Gift Card and never claimed it. Lisa, e-mail and I will mail you your gift card, or leave it there for you to use it!


9:40 AM 0 cmts




This is a throwback to an old post about the down-unda wonder Jimmy2Sox. I love this guy and all of the work he does and the fact he's doin it right. This joint just about does it as the often-played song of the week. (post-Weds, I was sick for a while yall)


The 90s just like the 80's, were a good time for everyone involved. However, unlike the 80's , the 90's knew when to stop, or at least I thought they did.

However, Middlesexx has decided for all of us that the 90's are still going on and will continue to do so until further notice. In the case of Yoyoyo 90's Jam - Wet Bandits Edition this isn't such a bad thing. Although, I complain about the "direction" that culture takes in its self-destructive circle, honestly we had nowhere left to go.

90's music , especially hip hop has always held a special place in my heart, and clearly the guys of "YO 90s Jams" know and appreciate this time.

Also, can you say an hour of real ass Jamaican dance hall, seriously all I was missing was the beef patty, coco bread (with cheese of course), and dodging bullets in the middle of Franklin Park.


I think its about time we start giving Throwed a little more credit then they receive. Out of the numerous shit shows I have attended, I have to say Throwed keeps up the pace by not only having great DJs but awesome live acts as well; i.e Hercules and Love Affair (w o r k ). Luckily, last night was no exception to that rule at all. Magic Don Juan Rimini's casual yet powerful approach to the art of djing truly carried this evening. I found myself a willing participant in the sound scape skillfully created, that ultimately resulted in the height of electro goodness.

but then again , I was rolling.
do what you will with that information .


I figured that I might as well make my first post on this relaunched blog that kind of post.

Justice vs Simian - We Are Your Friends (Cold Blank Remix)

SHIT yeah - now I can make that eccentric "I'm enjoying this song after midnight on the weekends because everybody else is and I'm kind of buzzed off of my vodka tonic, bro" pose.

Actually, Cold Blank is kind of nice in that sort of way. I guess it's the dude from Hot Biscuits. they're cool, right? Am I hip yet? Do I lose blog points because my first post has Justeese in it?

Cold Blank - Calaca

Nothing else seems to catch my attention right now, but you'd be well-informed if you came to our aforementioned launch party at Privus Lounge this Saturday night.


Is it OK & legal to post this? Will I receive "important legal documents" in the mail? Let me know.


For your sake, I hope Christophe Decarnin (designer for the french house of Balmain) is already on your fashion radar. Decarnin's girls are like polished punk superheroes, and even now-cliches like the pyramid stud are done justice in the S/S 09 collection. In his A/W 08 and S/S 09 collections, rhinestones, leather, spikes, studs, netting, and acid wash have all been successfully taken to charm school. I would highly advise browsing past Balmain looks on; here is a starter set from S/S 09 to further tempt you. 
The shoulder silhouette and proportion here are absolutely brilliant, and I always like to show a lot of leg with my party clothes. All I need to do now is wait for my AmEx black card to arrive in the mail.
It's midweek, which means you should be attending our ONTHATTIP.INFO Launch Party @ Circus on Saturday, outlined in my inaugural post.  As shown below, my first post on the old blog was a review of Rescue, whose rad owners J+P are contributing $200 in gift cards to said party.

Go check out the total mockery of reality that is my outfit in the Street Style section of Rescue's website, and make sure I see your face on Saturday. These are dark times we live in, and it's about time we got all made up and started acting on the pleasure principle.


As of this weekend, I have a new bestie, and it only took me 5 minutes to know that this is just the beginning of a long and mutually fulfilling relationship. And Tommy, while I can feel your queen-sized ego swelling as you read that, I am actually referring to Rescue, the new buy/sell/trade boutique at two-fifty-two Brighton Avenue in Allston.

Owners Jeralyn and her brother Paul (a more-chiseled Pedro Winter doppelganger...get it while it's hot, ladies) really don't fuck around, and for that I commend them. Their store is everything I could want in a best friend - minimal bullshit, maximal chic, good taste in music and steals my money (ha!).

Rescue's clothes are SO WELL EDITED. When I go to a secondhand store, I expect to pay for my bargain by scouring racks of Mudd Jeans frayed-waistband miniskirts and pilled Old Navy which was already shitty at the time of original purchase. Not so here. Throughout my visit, I spotted a scarlet MaxMara cocktail dress, t-shirts from Surface To Air and Rogues Gallery, a Temperley-esque off-white fringed flapper dress, a Broman-sized black laminate Dior Homme longsleeve, and a high-waisted, knee-length flared leather skirt that I wasn't allowed to try on because they "don't change the mannequins until Tuesdays." It's okay; I like when you make me work for it...raaaarrz.

For $80 total, I ended up walking with a gray Agnes B. shirtdress that is seamed to PERFECTION, a heavy, sinister vintage wool cape that will give me a non-fur option when the depressing winter shitstorm hits, and a pair of electric blue flat lace-ups that are very "Bowling Shoe circa 2075." Trust me when I say that bowling will be a very fash sport in the year 2075.
Go to it! Lads and lasses alike can't resist the allure of under-$30 Marc by Marc. Let me know how you make out.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I bring you ONTHATTIP.INFO, your new authority on the who, what, where and how fresh. It's that restless time of year, and we're investing that energy into the trouble we plan to get into both for you and with you. This Saturday's ONTHATTIP Launch Party presented by Circus will be taking place at Privus in Allston, and we hope you can leave the mundanity at home to join the dancing and trash talking. While our friends DJ Michael V (the pill), RogueWaves (, and Die Young (Dopamine Records) earfuck us, we plan to get tipsy and blinded by Lara Callahan's flashbulb. Join your hosts, myself, The Fashist Dictator of ONNTHATTIP, Gio Bangs (karmaloop), Lucy Lux (, and Casey Rankin (FTW) and win giveaways for two $25, one $50, or one $100 gift cards from Rescue, the best new store in Allston.

Think of this as celebrating our rebirth, and come get in ONTHATTIP community. I, your Dictator in Chief, will be serving up your fashion and style notes, while Mister Girl tips you on nightlife and Zak rounds out your musical knowledge. We are ONTHATTIP.INFO, and if you're not already ONTHATTIP too then get cracking. There are headliners and there are sideliners, darlings.

On that memory lane stroll tip, please check out the original, formerly known as THATTIP.INFO, where we played with the concept and got our panties out of a twist. We bring you the new and improved version here at ONTHATTIP.INFO. Let us tickle your fancy.