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It's midweek, which means you should be attending our ONTHATTIP.INFO Launch Party @ Circus on Saturday, outlined in my inaugural post.  As shown below, my first post on the old blog was a review of Rescue, whose rad owners J+P are contributing $200 in gift cards to said party.

Go check out the total mockery of reality that is my outfit in the Street Style section of Rescue's website, and make sure I see your face on Saturday. These are dark times we live in, and it's about time we got all made up and started acting on the pleasure principle.


As of this weekend, I have a new bestie, and it only took me 5 minutes to know that this is just the beginning of a long and mutually fulfilling relationship. And Tommy, while I can feel your queen-sized ego swelling as you read that, I am actually referring to Rescue, the new buy/sell/trade boutique at two-fifty-two Brighton Avenue in Allston.

Owners Jeralyn and her brother Paul (a more-chiseled Pedro Winter doppelganger...get it while it's hot, ladies) really don't fuck around, and for that I commend them. Their store is everything I could want in a best friend - minimal bullshit, maximal chic, good taste in music and steals my money (ha!).

Rescue's clothes are SO WELL EDITED. When I go to a secondhand store, I expect to pay for my bargain by scouring racks of Mudd Jeans frayed-waistband miniskirts and pilled Old Navy which was already shitty at the time of original purchase. Not so here. Throughout my visit, I spotted a scarlet MaxMara cocktail dress, t-shirts from Surface To Air and Rogues Gallery, a Temperley-esque off-white fringed flapper dress, a Broman-sized black laminate Dior Homme longsleeve, and a high-waisted, knee-length flared leather skirt that I wasn't allowed to try on because they "don't change the mannequins until Tuesdays." It's okay; I like when you make me work for it...raaaarrz.

For $80 total, I ended up walking with a gray Agnes B. shirtdress that is seamed to PERFECTION, a heavy, sinister vintage wool cape that will give me a non-fur option when the depressing winter shitstorm hits, and a pair of electric blue flat lace-ups that are very "Bowling Shoe circa 2075." Trust me when I say that bowling will be a very fash sport in the year 2075.
Go to it! Lads and lasses alike can't resist the allure of under-$30 Marc by Marc. Let me know how you make out.

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