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Leave the house!

Come to Great Scott tonight...time to replace the holiday hangover with a real hangover. 

ON THAT TIP just wants to remind you that we have a heart & wish you a happy holiday season.

Here's your gift:

"It's Not Really Cold When it Snows" - The Russian Futurists
(99.8% chance of makin yall happy)

Come shut it down with FTW and ONTHATTIP.INFO ...the DJs are not to be missed, including our own Rogue Waves and recent guest contributor Domonique (scroll down a couple of posts to download her exclusive winter mix). I'll be styling the 9:30 runway show, modeled by all the girls you try to creep on at every Circus.

I'm going to be celebrating my partner-in-crime Michael V's 30th birthday tomorrow, even though J-Christ typically steals all the 12/25 birthday props. In fact, I am off to go retrieve an unhideably large present from its mystery location right now.

Happy holidays from ONTHATTIP.INFO, your refuge from "family time" since 2008.

xxxThe Fashist Dictator
Sup yall.
The coveted "ON THAT TIP Best Video of the Year 2008" award goes to Empire of the Sun motherfucking Chris Dane Owens' unworldly single "Shine on Me".

(yes, this music/video was actually produced in 2008)

On a real tip, though, let's give it up for SALEM for successfully managing to make music that emulates what heroin kind of feels like.

Crunching bass lines, eerie synth stabs and reverb-drenched vocals? Sign me the fuck up.

"Dirt" - SALEM

Expect a big wrap-up article for this year soon enough, yall.

Photo by Lara Callahan

Well actually… its a bit of minimal, progressive and dirty/ tech house and electro if you want to be exact… with a little break thrown in here and there… but who’s being nit picky!?

When I was trying to put together the track list for this blog, I thought “Ok, so I suppose its an end of year review and I should throw in all the bangers and hits of 2008”, as a sort of nostalgic look back on all our joyous mashed nights out that bring back whatever memory we do have of the weekends we all so love. Everyone has their own favorite hits & classics that make you fall in love with any DJ that drops it at that perfect time when you’ve just put back the 4th shot of Jager at the bar – running, arms flailing, and grabbing the hand of the nearest person to you and dragging them to the dance floor where you proceed to dance uncontrollably until its time for another cigarette or drink.

But instead of putting together a mini mix packed with the likes of the Crookers, L.A Riots and all those acts that just killed it this year... basically full of the songs that everyone has probably downloaded off Solar Seek already. I thought fuck it... let me share some of MY obscure taste in favorite tunes with you.

Looking through my most played tracks from my sets at Circus, The Goodlife and Therapy (if any of you made it out to the Haunted Porterhouse it was BANGING to hear these dark baselines on that system!!) I compiled this hour long minimal/ progressive/ tech mix with some nice warm baselines to get your mind off the ever rising snow levels outside. Its a nice memory for me of some of the tracks I've so loved playing throughout the year.

You can stream it live from my myspace video below:

Check out this video: Domonique - Something for the Snow

Or download the high quality mix from rapidshare:

So here’s a little holiday present from me to you…. <3

Domonique - Something for the Snow (December 2008)

1) Love Dose (Luciano Remix) - Argy
2) I Cant Get Up - Martin Landsky
These two are old favourites of mine from ’05.
3) Beware of the Bird (Justin Martin Remix) - Claude Von Stroke
This track has probably been by far this year my favourite and probably my signature tune, because I always play it out… nothing to be said, just listen!
4) Stoopit - The Martin Brothers
5) Open Your Eyes – Spencer Parker
Another ’05 favourite
6) They Forgot It (feat. Monique Bingham – Jake Childs Stagnate Dub) – Tarantulaz
OM Records classic from last year, when they released a pile of amazing tech remixes.
7) We Fail – Deadmau5
I had to give credit to the man with the mouse head that blew me away last year. And seeing him play in Boston live over the summer was even better!
8) I Want Yu 2 Hear Me (Audiofly Remix) – Yoshimoto
Ah, another OM Records.
9) Da Bump (Ame Remix) – Me V. feat Miss Patty
One of my all time favourite minimal tunes is Ame’s – Rej. I like this one being kinda bouncy.
10) Don’t Want Chu Now – Fred Everything
One more OM Records (I like that label)
11) What Else is There (Trentemoller Remix) – Royksopp
Im not sure about here, but across the pond in the land of tea (England) I heard this song about every half an hour… and I still love it!
12) His Music (Marks Bouncing Is Fun Remix) – Mark Mendes
13) Matchbox – Oliver Huntemann
14) Blink – John Dahlback
John Dahlback is one of my favourite producers along with John Tejada, who I don’t have in the mix but neet to give credit to. Both of them fill up my iTunes Most Played List.
15) Contact – Dataworx
Dataworx never disappoints. They’ve nailed the bassline.
16) Harder, Faster, Stronger (Deadmau5 Edit) – Daft Punk
Ive heard many remixes of this song and I always said its too soon to bring it back, but I like this one!
17) Make Some Noise (Less Is More) – Bart B More
18) My Friend Dario (Dima Prefers New Beat) [Vocal Intro] – Vitalic

Thanks to ONTHATTIP for sharing their cyberspace, and I can’t wait to say “FUCK 2008” on NEW YEARS EVE at Privus, along side Rogue Waves, Fantastadon, James Matheson, Jeff Gil, B.Rich, Mr. Matt and Soul Clap. Fashions shows, champagne, music, shiny disco balls... and friends!

Its gonna be banger people!!! (Keep your ears peeled, because you just might hear me singing!!)

Forever Yours