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Saturday March 14th

Future Classic + R.O.B. Present

Live From NYC
Oxy Cottontail

Justincredible + Zak Broman

In the VIP Lounge
DJ Texas Mike + DJ Eight2

Vinalia Lounge
101 Arch St
Boston, MA 02110

doors at 10 PM
ages 21+

tickets available at

It is with my great honor that I give you the second official ROGUEWAVES remix!

During our last party, we dropped a familiar tune from Zelda: Ocarina of Time which got everybody going. They wanted more and suggested we do something with it; so we placed a synth drop and floating piano line around it, beatmashed the fuck out of it until it didn't sound that great (our signature move), and then here you go.

Definitely not as hard as our former Televandals remix, but the source material wasn't hard to begin with.

Here's hoping you enjoy.
As some of you may or may not know , fear is never a part of the OnThattip.Info dojo. However, on this crisp and clear March morning I found myself afraid. Very very very afraid, and I invite you to share in the official sum of all fears

oh and free E-marce

x. MisterGirl666
...that ONTHATTIP.INFO has a new contributor, who will gift us with live show coverage and band interviews; I'm sure she has some other tricks up her sleeve as well. That's the only clue I'll give you for now, with another to come still this week...

Who is our mystery woman?

Before I turn in for the evening (yes, before 11pm...I have a big week coming up!), I want to invite you all to the Privus Lounge 1-Year Anniversary, the launch of Thursday Fashion Night, and a runway show with clothes by Daniel Hernandez, co-styled by myself. Does it get more stylish than that? Oh wait- yes it does. Our own Zak Broman (Roguewaves + ONTHATTIP) and Michael V (the pill) are DJing the press/RSVP reception from 6pm-8:30pm, and on until 10.

ONTHATTIP.INFO, from the underground to beyond...


I'll be posting some exclusive preview snaps from the fitting in the next couple of days, as shot by Christopher Huang last Sunday.



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This image, from the 2009 John Galliano F/W Couture collection, should lift you from your Thursday stupor. Stunning!
Photo: AP

Stay tuned later this evening for news on the 3/19 runway show I styled with Boston designer Daniel Hernandez. I am lucky to be working with him, and I can't wait to give you the rundown. Your dictator has been busy!


ON THAT TIP sits down with our good friend Edgard to talk about his exclusive upcoming event this Friday (the 13th!) featuring Bostonian heavy-hitters DJ Knife, BREK.ONE, and The Bladerunners. Edgard continues to carry that underground party torch which you have all come to appreciate lately. This guy is putting 110% into his parties, and it's very easy to see.

So, Edgard. Tell us about yourself.

To start, I want to say that I'm excited to be able to host an event like this one. I'm tired of that old downtown Boston club scene. There is a new and fresh music scene that has emerged in Boston. These kids come out to party, enjoy the music, and have a real good time. I've hosted several events in and around Boston, and I like the more "underground" vibes from these parties. I don't do this to be cool. I do it for the music, the people, to put on a dope party, and to have a good time. I've stayed true to that.

Some of my past events and collaborations have been:
SoundBomb Republik (Goodlife Bar)
Re:Fresh w/ Kid Sister (Z-Square Lounge)

Concepts Pre-Release Party (Z-Square Lounge)

Old School Classic Jamz w/ The Awesome Two (Z-Square Lounge)

Disco-nnection w/ Dj Supreme One & Brenden Wesley (Middlesex)

H U M P 2nd Wednesdays w/ Stretch Armstrong (Goodlife Bar)

The list can go on.

I'm just here to host cool & interesting events, hang out with some chill people who seem to "get it" and have a good time doing it. I'm a simple guy, with simple desires.

What inspired the slasher-flick theme?

I love old school horror films. I've been a fan of the Friday the 13th series since I was a young lad & since the 13th falls on a Friday this month, why not.

What made you choose the line-up?

Ahhh, the line-up. These guys are frigging dope as far as versatility, musical style, keeping the crowd dancing. They're also friends of mine that want to rock the house and put on a dope show. Hip-hop, classics, electro, gutter house - everything. Expect these guys to keep this crowd jumpin'.

What can one expect going to this event?

You can expect a spot that the underground party goers love to go to and have a kick-ass time. The music is being played by some of Bostons dopest DJs.

The drinks are going to be super cheap (none of that $12 glass of fucking vodka). Plus we have flashing lights, sick visuals by Zak Broman, dance, dance, and more DANCE!

This dance party is the first of many. I would love for these parties to be a raging success, and for everyone to have a good experience. I'm even doing giveaways all night as well.


18+ Indie / Gutter / Electro / Rage Dance Party!







******* MAD GIVE-A-WAYS *******



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Just want to apologize for the lack of posts up in here - as you may or may not have known, we've all been busy with our pursuits in the name of partying, making $, playing music, and hanging out with all of you kids almost every night.

Please welcome us back as we try to fill you in on what's hot in Boston once again. Nothing will stop us from giving you the premiere underground parties, information, music, and fashion tips that you so very much deserve. We have upcoming gigs this weekend at Vinalia (Back Bay) with Roxy Cottontail. Then we'll see you again at Middlesex Lounge with our good friends at Illius Rock.

Will we see you at Paper and Campus as well? MAYBE, MAYBE . . .

Anyway, stay posted, and just know that we're hella sorry.