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I figured that I might as well make my first post on this relaunched blog that kind of post.

Justice vs Simian - We Are Your Friends (Cold Blank Remix)

SHIT yeah - now I can make that eccentric "I'm enjoying this song after midnight on the weekends because everybody else is and I'm kind of buzzed off of my vodka tonic, bro" pose.

Actually, Cold Blank is kind of nice in that sort of way. I guess it's the dude from Hot Biscuits. they're cool, right? Am I hip yet? Do I lose blog points because my first post has Justeese in it?

Cold Blank - Calaca

Nothing else seems to catch my attention right now, but you'd be well-informed if you came to our aforementioned launch party at Privus Lounge this Saturday night.


Is it OK & legal to post this? Will I receive "important legal documents" in the mail? Let me know.


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