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Can't keep living like this, brodudes.

btw here is some musics.




homo - no .
Introducing you to the 3 B's of late night success
Beer ....


Continuing on . . .

After maneuvering through a sea of ill fitting cowboy boots, and sweat drenched bangs. We decided to take a breather from Throwed, and go to where the big kids play.
You know her, you hate her, and you love her . . . HeartThrob.


This week at HeartThrob we were treated to Xxxchange, featuring one of my faves in Boston right now, Mr. Chris Devlin. If you hadn't noticed, I am still gagging over his set over at Shake Em down a couple of weeks ago. Moving forward, I found this HeartThrob to be particularly interesting for a couple of reasons. The main one being, that whatever Throwed wasn't bringing to the table, HeartThrob had already served it and vice/versa. For instance, although HeartThrob obviously lacked the youthful recklessness that Throwed appears to breed quicker than jack rabbits on tina*. I found the music, to be presented in the cohesive matter that always seems to allude Throwed. And it goddamn it feels good to finally hear The Kills Cheep and Cheerful(Sebastian Remix) outside of the "tip-quarters." In addition to the tracks Tommy and I slam-danced to , I was extremely surprised to see the direction in which the visuals at HeartThrob have gone. Given the fact that it was the first party in our city to really bring the importance of visuals back to the the Boston electro scene. Replaced, are the almost gaudy hearts, bunnies, and everything else that was too annoying to look at. In its place, are strobe lights(FUCK YEAH),and a more minimalist point of view. All of these new developments has your humble author wondering if he was right in imploring all of you to stay tuned and see what HeartThrob has in store for us?


but then again . . .

Knight of 77'

Sorry America, yall just aren't doing it for me anymore.

I've resorted to French rap until I weather out this non-awesome BLOGHAUS wave that's been infecting all of my fave blogs lately. Oh, really Waves At Night? You want to post shitty, pseudo-throwback tropical music and deem it blogworthy?

How the fuck do I put shit like this in my sets?

UPDATE (7:02PM): JD from aforementioned musiks blawg W@N didn't take long to lurk his incoming referrals to find out we were coming for them.

"Who the fuck said you had to use anything we post in your set? What do you deem 'blogworthy' then? Shitty forgettable, soon to be embarrassing, nu-rave bangers? Your just too cool I guess arent you.
Seriously, fuck you too.

(btw if you think that track is 'bloghouse', I dont think you have any idea what that term means)"

Lil guy didn't know we were just trolling him, but I appreciate transient nu-rave bangers as much the next guy yeah? How else am I going to build up a super-rad collection? JD - take that chill out tip, and run with it.

(btw the weather here is kind of cold, maybe das why i'm so angry)
(btw here's another Frenchie vid)

Throwed VS. HeartThrob . . . . perhaps you will all find this suprising but I'm gonna have to call it a close tie . . . CRAZY ! I KNOW RIGHT!

Throwed, this time around was a far cry from the H-Mo frenzy that was Hercules and Love Affair. Instead we were given something that's been on our minds for the last couple of days; Nubianz and live guitars.

The Bodega Girls, were somewhat of a pleasant suprise.


Combining the post - punk grit of Gang of Four, and the clever / sharp electronic musings ala LCD Soundsystem; nigga's and bitches we've got ourselves a winner. Plus, you gotta hand it to a tasty wearing all white who's ballsy enough to still engage his audience( yeah think about it). Not to mention, It's about time we get a sexy/talented lady bassist back in the mix. However, I was left with this one thought , ringing in the back of my mind

"You are not big enough to talk this much . .. yet"

After Bodega girls, I was privy to the DJ stylings of Prince Terrence.


Although , I found some of the tracks in his set , were somewhat
"obvious." However, I haven't heard TLC's "Creep" in about a decades, so yet again easily satisfied over here. But , to be honest I love a fresh Nubianz, especially one that goes by Prince.

stay tuned for HeartThrob's side of the story, fully equiped with glow sticks, strobe lights, and halloween 08' hook-up's.

Knight of 77'
so this is a video of my friends Anahit and Jenny Mo from American Apparel.
here they both star in this homemade video of Pop Levi's track called "Mai space"
which was actually written about one of the singers ex girlfriend. her Name was Mai, hence the tittle of the song the girls thought it would be cute to make a video for the song.
the whole thing was shot at daddy Dov Charney's house in LA. this is also where Jenny Mo lives... they won't let her leave. she shares the house with 8 other girls who Dov dubs worthy enough. in other words any girl he can tip with his tip. Dov is never home, therefore most of the time its just a bunch of Asians and awkward looking white girls fighting over that 40 something Jew cock. which is not a cute look. or they are spending their time and American Apparel's payroll to make shit like this....
we'll do it , not know why, and pretend like it didn't happen a couple of years down the line.
that's it.

I just found out that if you sift through New Jersey's trashy, grimy exterior*, you'll find some legitimate, starry-eyed pop. Memory Cassette ( are just those shoegazers producing it. Call me a sucker for the ethereal, kids.

Photobucket(totally serious)

After enduring what was one of the more hectic Fridays Ive encountered in some time, I figured I would give this going out thing another shot. So, of course it's straight to ....
Circus @ The Privus Lounge.


I am a huge fan of Circus at the Privus lounge, and believe me I am extremely skeptical of anything located next to the Kell's on a Saturday evening. However, every other week this party truly dedicates its self to providing diversity in the DJs it. This past Saturday was no exception , Circus featured Krames ( Cobra Kai), Beyonder ( Bladerunners),TeenWolf & Rev McFly .... Needless to say ,the music from beginning to end was more than the perfect combination of blog-house, electro, old school hip hop, and everything between. In addition to the music , host Gio Bangs hit it over the head. Combing great taste and stunning looks, kept the dance-floor moving i.e what the fuck your supposed to do ( for those of you that missed that fax)


Guess I can't really complain, unless you totally missed the title of this post, but its not every Saturday night I see a Do The Right Thing inspired minstrel show.

Knight Of 77'


5:45 PM 0 cmts



RIP Marc-
i would like to take this time to tell you about our newest contributor to the blog. her name is Hannah. she is so fucking amazing! i met her while i was just "living" in Burlington, Vermont and she was in finishing up her final year at UVM. now
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
she now lives in New York and writes for For Those Who Know (4TWK. com) a site that covers music, film, art, literature, and everything in between. where she currently is writing concert reviews.
Hannah also writes for Joonbug (Joonbug. com) a guide to NYC nightlife, entertainment, culture, restaurants, fashion, etc. here she spends here time writing musician bios, restaurant reviews, and boutique write-ups. in addition to those two sites she also writes for a men's specific high end fashion blog
that goes by Rare Daily (Raredaily. com). if all that wasn't enough i decided to bring her on board to my Boston based blog creation team. she will be updating weekly on upcoming events in NYC that include everything from secret boutique soirees and sample sales. even just updating us with any and every lil hip blip tip.
I'm not really too sure where to start with this one. Fortunately, after becoming the Nancy Drew of Boston nightlife i.e sitting by the bar notepad and pen in hand; I have more than ample supply of cunty remarks, drunken proclamations, and elementary check pluses to go around. So, lets get crackin' , and I'm definitely not joking this time (shot out or ,shit talking ... I'll let you guys be the judge)

Which leads us to the Thursday night Boston party tour, sponsored by Tommy Tuff's recently reported stolen(parent's just don't understand), uninsured, and gas guzzling car.

I began my travels at Shake Em' Down which, for those of you that are still out of the loop is located at the only lesbian centric (sp) bowling lane with a fully equipped bar i.e The Milky Way.


Despite, not having gone to this event since the summer, as always I really couldn't complain. After stuffing my face with my favorite dollar menu fare ( double cheeseburger w/ extra pickles, and big mac sauce) I was greeted by Chris Devlin's set, sent from the electro-disco- funk heaven's. To be more specific, music I haven't heard since my mother was hammered in our old living room "re-living" her glory days. But, back to the lecture at hand with a set featuring Yaz's Situation and what I believe to be Stephanie Mills , I'm fucking sold.
Of course, I can never say enough about Mr. Knife. Seriously, I never get sick of Toni Tony Tone's Feels Good , and not just because it brings me back to my high top fade, and traditional Black family cookouts. That aside, contributing a solid collection of 80's,hip hop, and some early house ( WORK). Knife's track selections completely rounded out this duo. Although, I kinda lost interest when Ce Ce Peniston reared her ugly face. But, as we all know in Boston, we pick and choose our battles, or at least I do. Only real regrettable aspect of my evening at Shake Em' Down was missing out on the Phillidelphyinz. All and All, no complaints on this side of the fence.

Next on the Boston Party Tour, I found myself at Make It New or Make It Blue as I was calling it in honor of the one they call "Volvox".
Make It New has always been a 70/30 for me, for a couple of key reasons. Aside from the fact that it truly is a freaky scene up in that bitch, I have always enjoyed the technical versatility that is displayed through its resident DJ's. For instance, this week we saw the return of DJ Die Young, who always executes his sets with the ease I always imagined a trained hit man would employ. Although that analogy could be a bit dramatic , but I'm sure you get the picture. However, on the other end, It is easy for one to feel like they are witnessing the "30something shuffle" to one song that has been played continuously through the evening.

With that said, we hit the last leg of the tour i.e So Dope.


Now, there of course is a lot of false advertising in regards to dance nights in Boston(you know who you are) but finally a night worthy of its name, and trust me I don't use the word dope ( never as a positive term). However, So Dope was dare I say, pretty fucking "dope".


I'm pretty much only going to give one reason why So Dope worked it out for me. Simply put, it was the only party that I went to last Thursday( lets keep in mind that I went to three) that had me on the dance floor the minute I walked in. I'm not really sure about everyone else, but that's really all that I want when I go out. I had a minute between getting sweaty, smoking ,and getting felt up by over the hill homosexuals to speak with So Dope chieftain , Jay Kennison. I really only wanted to know one thing , which is his response to this phrase
"About fucking time!" and to which he responded
"In six month's we're going to take it over." and I can't fight him on that. Well done So Dope.

Stay tuned, because you all know there is always more to come on with that tip.

Knight of 77'
I haven't posted in this thing for like, ever. The aforementioned mix that I promised will come one day. In the meantime, I have videos like this in which I can relate to:

I'm going to try and wash this hangover down with tap water, ice, and regret - PCE.