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This was meant to be. Jeppe (1/2 Junior Senior) teams up with Classixx to produce this absolutely killer track. I had a friend send me this out of the blue - it's not scheduled to be released for at least another six months. Does that make this a 2008 or 2009 exclusive? Does this still count since it's the Royal Rumble remix (TIP: It's not even on their MySpace yet)? Do you authentically like bass? So many questions.

Classixx ft. Jeppe - I'll Get U (Royal Rumble Edit)

All of the (now-defunct) Junior Senior talk got me wondering - what the fuck is the other guy up to? Apparently, he signed to Kitsune and is producing things like this:

I don't know how I've let all of this slip under the radar. I also don't know why I've been keeping such a fervent tab on DE DE MOUSE remixes.

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