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Happy New Year, fellows and floozies, I hope you all enjoyed the slew of parties and general insanity (and the fashion show!) on Wednesday. On a related note, my ONTHATTIP resolution for 2009 is to start bringing you better and more frequent style content. I'm going to start it off with a new series on the blog, Deconstructed, which will provide step-by-step how-to's on hair, makeup, simple clothing alterations, or anything else that fucking rules, so you can do it yourself.

I took these photos the day before the  New Year's eve runway show, when I was deciding on a makeup concept. I didn't want to forget what my steps were if I liked the end result, so I took these photos, which gave me the idea of deconstructing the process for you. So here it is, my inaugural Deconstructed post, breaking down the New Year's Eve runway makeup (if you missed it, we'll be posting Lara's photos soon)! I used asterisks so I could also tell you the products I used if you want to recreate the look or part of it.

1. Starting with a clean, dry face, rub a drop or two of liquid foundation* into a dime-sized blob of aloe vera gel** until evenly mixed. Starting at the jawline and moving up, apply liberally all over the face, blending as needed. (*L'Oreal truematch super-blendable makeup in Soft Ivory; **Aloe vera gel can be found in any drugstore. Buy as close to 100% pure as possible. It forms a perfect base mixed with foundation that stays put, has a completely natural texture, and also soothes the skin.)
2. Apply concealer* as needed, paying particular attention to redness around the nose and darkness around the eye area. (*bareMinerals powder foundation SPF15 doubles as a concealer and foundation, and for around $25  is arguably the best beauty investment I've ever made)
3. Apply eyeshadow primer* from lid to brow. (*Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion)
4. For the show (but not in the pictures you see here) I lightened the girls' temple-to-cheekbone area dramatically with white shadow*. (*from Maybelline ExpertWear shadow trio in Impeccable Greys)
5. Apply bold golden yellow matte shadow* evenly from lid to brow. (*L'Oreal High Intensity Pigments shadow duo in Flamboyant and Chanel Joues Contraste powder blush in Eldorado)
6. Define brows with dark brown brow pencil*, and spike brows slightly upward with a clear brow gel**. (*Maybelline Define-A-Line in brownish black; **Cover Girl Natural Lash mascara in Clear)
7. Apply shimmery white highlighting powder* to inside corner of eyes, under the inside corner of the brow, and along the underside of the brow from the arch to the outside corner. This will add dimension to both the color and the bone structure. (*NARS Body Shimmer highlighting powder)
8. Apply black eyeliner* in a winged shape from about one quarter of the way from the inner corner of the eye, extending out and slightly up from the outer corner. (*L'Oreal High Intensity Pigments Color Truth Cream Eyeliner in Black, applied with angled brush)
9. Apply multiple coats of black mascara* to the upper and lower lashes. (*L'Oreal Double Extend mascara in Carbon Black)
10. Apply hilighting powder to cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the bow of the lip, and around the temples.
11. Sweep a light-colored bronzer* up underneath the cheekbones to define. Apply a neutral peach blush** to the apples of the cheeks. (*Physician's Formula Magic Mosaic in Watm Beige/Light Bronzer; **Cover Girl TruBlend Naturally Luminous Blush in Shimmering Sands)
12. Warm a bit of liquid foundation between the fingers, and dab it onto the lips, covering completely without over-applying. Powder* to set. (*bareMinerals foundation SPF15)
13. Apply a warm berry lipcolor* to only the center of the top and bottom lip. The color should be smudged outwards slightly, but not all the way to the outer corners of the lip, for a popsicle-stained, doll-like effect. (*Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Suitably Ruby)

Enjoy playing with this look! I hope to see you all at Circus later tonight. I'm feeling pretty low-key following last night's trainwreck, which started with champagne-and-blackberry-brandy cocktails and left me waking up this morning still tipsy and fully dressed on top of my covers. Something's definitely in the air in Boston right now, and I predict some happening shit in 2009....

The Fashist Dictator

It's that time again - yall have been messaging and asking what exactly ROGUEWAVES (Justincredible + Zak Broman) were playing last night @ both Circus' FUCK 2008 and Throwed! NYE.

Here's ur "French rap song with the killer Electro synth line" :

Here's ur "Zany Jap Electro synth line" :

Did you expect anything else from us? All about that global doin it right tip, yall.
Hey yall.

Now, you should expect a huge article (and video!) soon covering the madness that was New Year's Eve. Emarce tore shit up per usual, yours truly and Mister Girl were massively hyped, and Lipgloss & Cigarettes threw a killer set (they even use Traktor Pro, dawg).

Oh right, and the whole thing can be seen on Nicky


....Of course it's all in the hopes of not repeating them next year. I enjoying lying to myself as well? So, lets get ready to do it one more time. Also, speaking of "one more time " , If your local NYE DJ drops that track, bring me his or her head for a handsome reward.

Moving forward, as some of you may or may not know there is an orgy of NYE events to attend this year in the Bean. However, when I say orgy, I am thinking senior aged swingers, in Tampa wearing animal masks .Furthermore, they are deciding if the Quiche at the pre- sex buffet is edible.
Now, if that doesn't get your palette going nothing this evening will. Perhaps, it's a little too soon to joke?
However, all innuendo's aside, I have been told that variety is the spice of life.

Boston, I give you N.Y.E!

Red Carpet New Year @ The Alchemist


Amid, the 10 + DJ parties speckled across the city this evening , The Alchemist gives you four.
However, not without asking us this very simple question,
"Is less more?" I fear , I will not be given the answer. However, if anyone is heading out there this evening , key me into to what goes up, down and all around.

NYE Bash@ Croma


"Be a Supermodel, be a billionaire, Pirate, Celebrity, anything !"
or you could just be what I'm about to be in one more sentence. That's right, you guessed it!

p.s most uninspired image of Madonna ever. If anything, you missed
"Be a Tranny" which is a far better option than any of the above mentioned.

Bassic Does New Years Eve


I love the Goodlife's shady cave of mayhem. Otherwise known, as the dance -floor.
Our last experience there was epic, to say the least. Obviously given the nature of the evening , I would def say that this would be something to look into , if you like adult grade fun with minimum fuss.

NYE @ Rise


Simply put, not for all the E in China. Well, maybe....

Heroes @ TT's


I would consider Heroes to be our left field option this evening. However, I think sometimes we need a break from the monotomy sometimes found in the usual options. We all know that given the length of time Mr Ewen has spent behind the decks , you can expect to hear the best of best in 80's , new wave, retro, and everything else related.
But then again, aren't we just getting out of exploiting the 90's?

Regardless, friends , frienemies, and just good ole fashioned enemies , these are some options for Boston this NYE. If i missed anything ... sorry about that?


This is set to the best New Year's Eve in quite some time...usually (like most of us) I stay in for amateur hour, but now that we are on that tip dot info, I think it's fair to say that this year's "amateur hour" will be kicked up more than a few notches. I plan to start at FTW's FUCK 2008 at Privus, for which I've styled the 9:30 runway show with clothes from Rescue and Maya Made It. (Roguewaves are also DJing Throwed later in the night...nuh uh uh, double booked!)

If you would like to know how much I love YOU, dear tip readers...I have given up my New Year's action for your satisfaction! Working my magic at Privus guarantees I will be away from my other half for most of the night, as he will be spinning indie tunes with his longtime pill partner DJ Ken. I encourage you to stop by there as well, and round out your already absurd evening plans. Let the shitshow(s) begin!

So, apart from this being one of the more-hyped parties (250+ in attendance) on New Year's Eve (just got wind of this being mentioned in the Weekly Dig), I'm hoping yall will make it out to this after seeing us at Privus Lounge. Justin and I are double-booked.

Our apologies for not being able to post lately - we've been fuckennn slammed with busywork over the weekend preparing for the madness that is NYE. Please come out and show your support. We'll also be recording everything for an ON THAT TIP New Year's documentary.