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Lets take a close look at the many that will be doing damage to those walls ... and by walls I mean the insides of your ear canals.
(in no particular order, of course )


(Palms Out Sounds, FTW, Party Like Us)

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What can the crowd expect?
For those who haven't heard my sets... I blend a lot of classic house/rave sounds with hip hop, breaks and bass among other genres. I LOVE heavy bass. Look forward to working the system there.

Top 5 Tracks @ the moment?

Jack Beats & Dynamite MC - What (Vocal Mix)
Tigerstyle - Balle Shava (Sinden Remix)
Project Bassline - Drop The Pressure (The Count's Conquistador Remix)
Hot Pink Delorean - Party Favour
Nadastrom - Tween Me + U feat. Blaqstarr

Mix Links


Make It New

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What can the crowd expect?
The crowd can expect heavy rave sounds, techno anthems and lots of HI NRG!

Top 5 Tracks @ the moment?

I've put together a zip file for you to share w/your readers, it's called GET TO KNOW TECHNO!
The tracks are more Make It New flavored and are:

Rodriguez Jr. - Pina Colada (Voodeux's Brew Remix)
Slam - City Destroyer (Part 1)
Tim Green - Mr. Dry
Noze - You Have To Dance (Mathias Kaden's Beatpolka Remix)
Simon Baker, Jamie Jones - Kaskazi

Ian and Sameer

Happy Endings

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What can the crowd expect?
"I think our set is going to be one part hip-hop one part clubby pop shit... tracks that you would listen to if were to go swimming in an oily room or would sing or shout along to while you were swimming in an oily room. "
- Ian

Top 5 Tracks @ the moment?
Top Billin' - San Fran
The Standells - Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
The Clipse - Pop Champagne
The Monster Mash
Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix)


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What can the crowd expect?
A million cuts of danceable tracks in the time that's allotted. Lot's of dry humping.
Top 5 Tracks @ the moment?

Passion Pit - Sleepyhead
The Hold Steady - Stay Positive
Kate Nash - I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance (cover)
Common - Universal Mind Control
In the New Year - The Walkmen

JayK The DJ

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What can the crowd expect?
I play all forms and styles of dance music in and out up and down back and forth, all high energy all rage anthems.

Top 5 Tracks @ the moment?

Destroy Disco - fly or bounce
Pretty Titty - JB RIP
Flywalker - Kid Cranberry
Mashitup - Young punx
I know - Ocd Automatic
Bottle service - Vadum Rankin (HA!)

( Hellauxx ) /

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What can the crowd expect?
Justin:"love, life, death, and deceit?"
Zak: "An honest chemistry between us, an undeniable stage presence, and a lot of variety / not the same stuff everyone is playing"

Top 5 Tracks @ the moment?
LadyHawke - Back of The Van( Lapse Remix)
Tiga - Mind Dimension(Shinichi Osawa&NT89)
Jean Nipon - Lost In Music
Malente & Dex - Hyperactive (bobmo remix)
Salem - Dirt

And thus rounds out our list of DJs duking it out for $800 dollars in total grand prizes.
So, if you get a chance take a look over all the potential winners, losers, and everything in between. Furthermore , let us know what your picks are going to be for first prize, second, and third. Because nothing says building a community like a 7 plus DJ battle for drug, liquor,sex, and clothing money.


Can't get enough of this upbeat, swirling electro frenziness in Japan right now. Talk about doin it right.

I'm not a huge fan of the Ting Tings whatsoever, but I simply can't ignore this remix. Taku Takahashi fucking kills it, brodudes. I know that absolutely nobody else you know has this joint because it's absolutely fucking impossible to find. So, let me fix that:

If you're looking for something a bit more relaxed, yet still impeccably produced:

Lastly, I give you my personal favorite, Cherryboy Function:

Cherryboy Function is a Japanese DJ who takes it straight to the floor with authority. This is a far cry from the minimal techno dominating the conversation right now in the club scene; robust and complicated in construction, but somehow still completely accessible. There's an experimental slant to these songs' constructions that elevates these songs past traditional club music. Challenging in construction, but delightful in result, this record should be a wake up call for DJ's spinning the same old house records.

I highly recommend checking out this clip:

And here you are, kids:

- Z
"Grim & Proper"
Photos: Michael V.
Styled by The Fashist Dictator with Marc Spellen
Clothes: (On her) Thread Social Dress, Vintage Cape, both from Rescue. Over-the-knee boots, stylist's own. (On him) Burberry Trench, Acne Jeans sweater, Structure shirt, Earnest Sewn jeans, all from Rescue. Tie, stylist's own.

Hello all!

This marks the first of monthly ONTHATTIP.INFO editorials; I will vary the day on which I post The Look each month, so keep your eye out...

In the last year, tales of crooked traders and invasive marketers replaced the pickpockets and peeping toms of yore, leaving us to wonder who, if anyone, we can trust these days. The depraved now appear polished and credible, which inspired my January Look. I hope to see flagrant amorality return to its more-easily-identifiable dark corners in 2009.

Special thanks to Michael V. (of the pill, for you cave-dwellers) for lending his photography skills to my concept, and Marc Spellen, whose natural style and patience are indispensable.

Yours cruelly,
The Fashist Dictator
I am apparently still in recovery. Which, dear readers should more than likely key you into the kind of weekend that I have had. However, to my detriment , Saturday and Sunday revealed the takeover and birth of two defiantly distinct and much needed events. Bitches and Nigga's, I give you Circus ( like you didn't know) and Rescue Nite

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photo by Lara Callahan

Saturday January 17
With Guests Larry T, B.Rich, DJ Mannes, and Steve Lurkel

Saturday, to be honest, was steadily becoming my standby evening. Although, never disappointed, I had begun to loose the thrill associated with our favorite haunt. Last Saturday proved to me that Circus, is fast moving into the front of pack of Boston electro based nights. Throughout the evening I found that this was one of the first night's in a very long time where not only was the music on point, but every one of the patron's were as well.
B. Rich's opening set, was pretty much the highlight of my evening. Every bass heavy track punctuated and provoked the growing masses. Further indicating the direction our evening was bound to go in. In regards to DJ Mannes ,what else could I say other than ... "work."
Despite how generically gay that statement is , I am always a fan of a DJ that knows how to incite the crowds attention, without providing an overbearing set of nonsense. If your ever looking for the solution to that problem , here she is.

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photo by
Lara Callahan

Although , I received the word from an accurate source, that Larry T was booked with "us" in mind. I have to be honest I was a touch turned off, once the connie, strawberry cheesecake martinis , and general douchery wore off(kinda). Despite the fact that having an artist of Larry's caliber in Boston is most definitely a much needed, and appreciated breath of fresh air. Is it appropriate to open with your own track? and further more, it seemed that a lot of the tracks that he played were from a summer or two ago. But then again, who looks a gift horse in the mouth

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photo by Lara Callahan

Especially when the end result is a night that looks exactly like this


photo by Lara Callahan

I think its safe to say that the lines are no longer reserved for "you know where" at Privus.

Rescue Nite @ The Model

Sunday January 18th


Crowd Surfing******
My Bloody Valentine - Soft As Snow*****

You know its extremely rare when a night list's in total honesty what kind of music that they are playing and intend on playing. I have to say that Jeralyn, delivered the best , the obscure, and the previously unseen in New Wave, Post Punk, and Punk . And no, I am not saying this just to get that amazingly beautiful Roberto Cavalli t-shirt for free ( hint-hint). Although it is getting kind of annoying that everything that our favorite sibling duo touches , turns to gold . . .or something close to it i.e Jameson's . However, in this case I believe they have finally filled the last remaining niche in this city.

Boston, it's a officially a wrap...


Listen - I know you, ONTHATTIP.INFO readers.

If we are alike, you've noticed how bitterly cold of a January this has been for you. You have money troubles, the heating in your apartment doesn't work, and the City of Boston has done a really shitty job of clearing your street after each and every snowstorm.

Luckily for you, I have the cure - in it comes in the form of downtempo Swede-pop.

Boat Club hail from the beaches of Gothenburg, Sweden. Their debut EP, "Caught the Breeze", is host to one of the most simultaneously heartbreaking-yet-calming collective of songs ever grouped together. It's kind of like clutching your favorite drink at about 7PM, as your toes sift through pearl-white sands on a distant European beach in about 75 degree weather. BUT, your girlfriend just broke up with you via a particularly nasty text message.

Trust me on this one, yall.