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Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I bring you ONTHATTIP.INFO, your new authority on the who, what, where and how fresh. It's that restless time of year, and we're investing that energy into the trouble we plan to get into both for you and with you. This Saturday's ONTHATTIP Launch Party presented by Circus will be taking place at Privus in Allston, and we hope you can leave the mundanity at home to join the dancing and trash talking. While our friends DJ Michael V (the pill), RogueWaves (, and Die Young (Dopamine Records) earfuck us, we plan to get tipsy and blinded by Lara Callahan's flashbulb. Join your hosts, myself, The Fashist Dictator of ONNTHATTIP, Gio Bangs (karmaloop), Lucy Lux (, and Casey Rankin (FTW) and win giveaways for two $25, one $50, or one $100 gift cards from Rescue, the best new store in Allston.

Think of this as celebrating our rebirth, and come get in ONTHATTIP community. I, your Dictator in Chief, will be serving up your fashion and style notes, while Mister Girl tips you on nightlife and Zak rounds out your musical knowledge. We are ONTHATTIP.INFO, and if you're not already ONTHATTIP too then get cracking. There are headliners and there are sideliners, darlings.

On that memory lane stroll tip, please check out the original, formerly known as THATTIP.INFO, where we played with the concept and got our panties out of a twist. We bring you the new and improved version here at ONTHATTIP.INFO. Let us tickle your fancy.

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