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This is set to the best New Year's Eve in quite some time...usually (like most of us) I stay in for amateur hour, but now that we are on that tip dot info, I think it's fair to say that this year's "amateur hour" will be kicked up more than a few notches. I plan to start at FTW's FUCK 2008 at Privus, for which I've styled the 9:30 runway show with clothes from Rescue and Maya Made It. (Roguewaves are also DJing Throwed later in the night...nuh uh uh, double booked!)

If you would like to know how much I love YOU, dear tip readers...I have given up my New Year's action for your satisfaction! Working my magic at Privus guarantees I will be away from my other half for most of the night, as he will be spinning indie tunes with his longtime pill partner DJ Ken. I encourage you to stop by there as well, and round out your already absurd evening plans. Let the shitshow(s) begin!

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