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I find the pace of fashion seasons to be a bit cumbersome, so it always takes me a while to make my way through the shows as the pictures get released. It just feels like constant inundation, you know? It's hard to feel like anything is new when there's a revolving door of garments spinning past your vision. Anyway...

Here are some of my thoughts from a few Spring 2009 shows, which all happen to be from "A"-named designers; more specifically, ready-to-wear by A.F. Vandevorst and Akris, and couture by Alexis Mabille

A.F. Vandevorst
(Above Left) I adore this not-quite-minimalist but definitely futurist look. So smart. (Above Right) Such an interesting dress, both in drape and texture. I'd wear this for day with grey boots, sunglasses, and an enormous mongolian fur gilet.
(Above Left) You had me at laser cut leggings with Bowie boots. (Above Right) Over the top? I mean, for SOME people maybe. The garters might be a little Rocky Horror for real world consumption but the satin piece over the tights and contrasting underwear has my full approval.

(Above Left) This notched neckline reminds me of hyper-pixellated Atari 8-bit games, and I love the sheer skirt. Please ignore the shoes. (Above Right) I recommend a trip to to view larger images of this dress. I want to feel this chunky basket-weave material and see it up close; the heavy silhouette it creates is so modernized by its transparency.

Alexis Mabille (Couture)
(Above Left, Right) These two dresses, simple as they may appear, perfectly illustrate what couture craftsmanship can do for a basic shape. I am SO beyond pleased that this black v-neck column (Above Left) was not accessorized with a necklace for the show. The billowy, sparkling one-shoulder (Above Right) has a hint of Studio 54 and yet could be worn to a formal fundraiser as well...versatility that might be particularly appreciated at this price point.
...Now, if you thought I was going to let this designer off without pointing out some of the other sheer fuckery that flew down the runway during his 54-look couture show (in this global economy!), you're wrong. After the perfectly executed shapes of the black gowns, it pained me to see looks verging on Bebe-designed Nutcracker ballet costumes. I reserve no kind words for cuffed tan capris worn with black pointy-toed pumps (Above Right), ever. And that burnt umber velvet hat (Above Left) takes an already cheeky outfit straight into slapstick territory. Fortunately for male models, getting laid so easily helps take the sting off tangible indignities like this one. JUST SAYING.

See you at Circus tonight!

The FD
apply the same idea to this weeks upcoming event's

Weds February 4th


Welcome to MidWeekTechno at the Phoenix Landing , and this week these guys are bringing us
18 year old wiz kid Nicolas Jaar, of Wolf and Lamb Music. Obviously, I am always a sucker for fresh young thangs, and that aside young talent is always exciting to see . I was able to track down a mix that Nicolas has available for you guys to check out.
I think it will inspire you to treat Midweek Techno like your "End of the week Techno".

Thurs. February 5th

Shake Em Down
Milky Way


Many of you know my absolute love of Shake Em' Down. I can't stress enough the diversity in all forms of contemporary and retro based electronic dance music. I personally have never been disappointed in the offerings available at this night. In addition to the music, can I just mention bowling to 80's Electro Funk. Think about it!

So Dope


Thank god. Thank god. Thank god. Although Dorchester is the place of my youth and the source of most growing pains i.e my hometown. We all know that trooping to Dbar is just , well it's just a pain in the ass, and probably not the good one some of you out there enjoy. However, this Thursday, Jay Kennison and Co. are making it so much easier to get crazy for all of us. For the relaunch of So Dope, we are given the styling of LA's well noted DJ Papparazzi. Which is a huge point of interest for me. Also, can I just say , bottle service?
We'll be here, and you should be too.

... if we're still standing, which I am more than positive Mr. Mason will allow for nothing more :)

Friday February 6th

Privus Lounge


I may have spoken a little t0o soon, regarding the last
Boston dance night niche being filled in by our friend's at Rescue. Perhaps, what we need is just a straight forward 80's & 90's dance jam filled evening. However, I am starting to feel like maybe we have exploited the 80's pop / jam's tot he point of no return. However, can you go wrong with a three dollar cover on a Friday Night, in Allston; Probably not , and I don't think this event is to be missed.

Paul's Bday Bash
location: none of your goddamn business .


I honestly, don't have too much to say about this particular event... Just know, when Roguewaves and the Mason's join hands , it can only get better ... and by better I mean, random shouting about how awesome sisters of mercy are, how annoying Paul's taste in women are, how Jeralyn and I are the same person, iweareverycoloraslongasitsblack, Zak's goofy feet, Hercules and Love Affair, Jameson's, and "Those crazy masons"

Jealous , I would be too

p.s happy bday Paul.

Saturday February 6th

Privus Lounge


..... you know what it is, and you know how its done, and because it really only gets crazier
But cover? I'm lost fellas .

So I hope you didn't just stare at it . . . because everyone should find a piece they want to sink their teeth into.


also if you think I missed anything , or if you have anything else to add, please let me know and I will be more than happy to tell you to "fuck off "
jk, .. send us what you have , because we are probably just as bored as you guys
Hullo darlings...your fair Dictator is currently mainlining Emergen-C and weathering the plague that seems to be going around. Even the cat has resorted to throwing me the side-eye due to my persistent hacking cough. It's ruining MY nap too, bitch! Lola can be so insensitive.

Rough times! So I'm going to give you the opposite of rough right now. I love hedging my bets on new faces, and I'm going to make a prediction that the starry-eyed Isa Asklof, recently signed by Women Management (easily a top three NYC agency), is going to snap up a campaign or two and at least a few editorials in the seasons to come. The native swede is only 17 or 18 years old, and she is lucky to be in Women's capable hands. This agency + this girl = blue chip!
I couldn't help but notice that this last shot (above) channels Snejana Onopka on the August 2005 cover of Vogue Italia, shot by Steven Meisel (below):

The Fashist Dictator

Photos: Women Management, Volt Magazine, thefashionspot, Vogue Italia
I know that I have been strangely absent from the world of the blog . I guess you can say, I haven't really been on my "tip" I've spent a lot of time contemplating , and quite honestly looking for the meaning in my "tip". All innuendo's aside I believe this is the week to really get out there , and shift through the rubble of Boston.

However, first things first ...

<span class=
photo by Braden Wheeler

Rescue Night,
although every two weeks, has been taking all the necessary steps to maintain it's initial momentum. I found that this Sunday , not only did our favorite lady DJ (jeralyn) deliver , some of the best of the unheard of. Jeralyn has also strayed away from one of the easiest thing a DJ can do , and that is stick to the same 15 safety tracks, and to be honest I have been guilty of committing this senseless crime.

<span class=
Photo by Braden Wheeler

Always, keeping the listener on the tips of his/ her toes regarding, what is coming right around the audio based bend. Although, still in its infancy , and I have never been a fan on Sundays. Maybe , Rescue Night, has made it little easier for all of us to endure Sundays.

<span class=
Photo By Braden Wheeler


p.s Week in advance ... coming up right in ya gutzzzzzz
Our apologies for the lack of posts recently. If you weren't aware, this past week was stupidly hectic for ROGUEWAVES. We literally had something booked for every night of the week. We're still exhausted and stuck in recovery status, but here's a quick rundown of where we were and what we were doing:

Monday: Illius Rock launch party @ Middlesex Lounge (Cambridge)
Susie G's (clickclash) "3 is the new 2" @ 104.9 FM


Wednesday: Hellauxx @ Privus Lounge (Allston) - this was quite the story if you were there. Long story short, we're not doing Hellauxx at this venue anymore. Justin and I are going to be putting Hellauxx on hiatus so that we can pursue a to-be-unveiled underground party at a space in Boston. More information on this as it develops.

Thursday: Paper @ Harper's Ferry (Allston).

Friday: Jesse Kim's "Crash Midnight / ROGUEWAVES Stripper Throwdown" (Allston) - this was one of the better house parties of the month that I've been to. The vibes were good, the police came twice, and there was a ten-person brawl by 3:30AM. I love you, Allston.

As of writing this, Justin and I have both taken a vacation and thus will be MIA until late next week. We'll be back next Thursday when we spin once more at Paper and attend Paparazzi @ So Dope (Club Venu, Boston).


Oh, and here are some tracks we've been spinning lately (new and old):

"Composer (Surkin Remix)" - Yuksek

"Dolby & Gabbana" - Dolby Anol

- Zak Broman