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Bag Raiders ( are a good example of doin it right. This song is definitely an ear-pleaser:

How does Australia pump out all of this material? Doesn't their heritage consist of being jailed? Is it something to do with the bloomin onions? Should I just post another Empire of the Sun song and call it a night?

I know where Hercules and Love Affair was on Tuesday evening, yes I do! Kiss-Kissing with the likes of none other than Karl Lagerfeld at the Opening of the Chanel Mobile Art container after playing a rather "rollicking" set (EXCLUSIVE Agyness Deyn quote right there loves). From Chanel, Karl, and Kate Bosworth to the middle east in Cambridge, MA... oh what we'll do for money.

Architect Zaha Hadid created the futuristic pavilion, housing anomalous interpretation, dreamy fastasy, and the dynamic vision of 20 international artists translating what they believe to be the inspiring elements of the Iconic Chanel quilted bag. Yes, its a huge ego massage-fest at the House that Coco built. Smack dab right in the middle of Central Park, and free admission- I mean hello.

Image Hosted by

Head Designer Karl Lagerfeld, captain bondage- in a black and white, chose more metaphysical musings for his choice media rebuttal when asked about the juncture at which art and his fashions meet.
"What is art, what is architecture, what is fashion?"
-really, go on. Is that fine orange Italian leather or your skin that's turning me on...

"All those things, one should not put it in the same melting pot. Architecture is architecture, fashion is fashion, and art is art. We don't need art, but we cannot live without it."
Speak for yourself Daddy K, I need a giant Chanel teddy S&M mise-en-scène and a giant purse just to get me through the day.

"Actually, architecture we need because otherwise we are freezing, and clothes we need because we cannot run around naked."

So, leave Boston, go to NYC and check out the exhibit. You may see Agyness Deyn, But don't worry- she's just the 6th member of Jem and the holograms and merely a figment of hipster imagination. You can only blame yourself.

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The moral of the story is this...Basically, leave Boston.

Now that that's over, the only way im going to fuck anyone's sister is if they are 100% related to a beautiful woman named Nomi i.e the show stopping lead for Hercules and Love Affair.


Seriously, all bullshit aside, as I previous stated the only thing I get excited for is free gay porn .
But,last Wendensay Hercules and Love Affair truly reminded me of what a show is and can be.

Our night started off a little slow, to say the least. My zealous nature for some reason insisted we show up for a 10pm go time at 7:45? However, it was wonderful to see the excitement of fans and curious passerby's alike. The opening sets of DJ's Red Foxx and Emarce were mismatched to say the least. Red's set appeared to gear up the crowd used to Hercule's unique mix of disco,electro, and straight forward funk. Especially in regards to spinning some amazing early eighties electro funk tracks. On the other end I found that Emarce's opening set came on a little strong. Think about some drunk girl in cowboy boots that gets a little too hot and bothered over the fact that somehow you have drink tickets, and I would say that is extremely reminiscent of the sound of Emarce's opening set. However, I have always found that diversity in sound between two DJ's is very essential to keeping any dance party interesting, but with that said, it is in my humble opinion Emarce could have taken a different route to get there. However, Emarce's set did lead us to the best part of our evening.
I'll give you all one guess in regards to what Im talking about...


First things first, you really have to appreciate the blatant queen like nature of Hercule's opening song "Im Telling You" , especially regarding their late to mid 70's disco/pre house swagger. Honestly, which is probably highlighted by the fact, that this is a live full band, no computers, no samples, and no bullshit. Thus, when experiencing this band live, you are given no choice but to allow them to lead the way through the soulful, back alleys of Hercules and Love Affair.
Luckily, I was in enough of a triffling mood to steal an all access wristband, and needless to say I made a quick beeline to keyboardist Andy to fire off a barrage of inane questions by a star struck faggot. However, after a rushed exchange I was left with a simple, but resonating statement from Andy,

"We're just trying to make great dance music."

With a no holds barred approach to showmanship and musicality Hercule's and Love Affair does simply that.... and thats pretty all I have to say about that. I mean, I could continue on with the rest of the night, but as soon as Hercule's set ended that's pretty much when my night ended.

actually, this where my night ended... with this thought

"maybe fags really do, do it better."

but then it again this coming from your truly

p.s Red thanks for giving me early 90's metal head tailgating in my high school parking lot on a Monday morning.
join all of us live friday night at 10pm
for a live feed of a crazy animal mask drug party. where you the viewer can try to guess who is who. and take part in our live chat room.

hope to see you

For all y'all wannabe strippers, pseudo sluts, escort girls in training, or just anybody that's trying to live through the 90' Miami era all over again, check out LalaLingerie lingerie etc. The name alone makes me think of Bettie Page look-alikes on a merry-go-round and blood-red cotton candy dripping down their faces with Slayer blasting in place of that childish jingle whilst tugging on their black and white studded bikini bottoms.

It's like what American Apparel swimsuits wanted to be but never could have the nerve. Upon releasing their 2008 swimsuit collection, they incorporated mismatching gold lame with white rhinestoned bottoms, and lacey white monokinis with chains. Of course LalaLingerie didn't fail to incorporate those 5-inch stripper heels that all of y'all know I LOVE to wear along with each outfit...


Oh, did I mention their swimsuit/lingerie/CASUAL-wear line is headlined by impeccable sluts-R-us Halloween costumes ?! Now I know where I'll be picking out my costume, and if I know any of you as well as I think I do, you will want to too. With sub-catagories such as but not limited to, "sexy costumes", "schoolgirl costumes", "fairytale costumes", "pirate costumes", etc., who could resist? We're all sluts on the inside, right ? Oh, on that note, they've got "men's costumes" for all the queens in the world. Or my neighbor hood, the South end, which is a close tie.

I know it may be difficult to differentiate the costumes from the swimsuits from the lingerie but I swear it all makes sense on the website, and I swear this up & coming line is worth checking out. I swear to god. Or Bettie Page. Whatever.

FrOm RuSsIa WiTh LoVe ....!!?!

Today I realized that other countries in the BLOGHAUSSPHERE are doin it right, and so weren't Hercules and Love Affair last night at the Middle East downstairs. My bestie Knight of 77 was also there and managed to get a few words in with them. I'm sure he'll talk about it later.

Australia are doin it right. The aforementioned Empire of the Sun ( has been eerily infectious this week:

Fellow Aussie Jimmy2Sox ( got this playing in my head for a few hours. It's a fluid vibe with vocals that are wonderfully drenched in reverb.

Jimmy2sox & U-GO-B – Big Fat Rio

Japaneses have been doin it right for quite some time:

And while we're on Japan, let me talk about DE DE MOUSE ( as being totally batshit insane. It's an entire field of poppy being beatmashed too fast and holy shit what am I watching:


Sweden currently has this beach party throwback vibe going on. I could write about it all night. A good place to start is with the ever-so subversive The Tough Alliance ( from my homietown Gothenburg. Swinging bats onstage yeah?

So is America doin it right? Not really, but France is:


It's very safe to say I love Rick Owens. But, upon scouring the interweb wide nets this morning, pricing looks I can't afford, I found myself questioning my faith. How well do Ricks radical creations translate to the mainstream (non front-row-watching Lara Stone & Tanya Dziahileva @ Gareth Pugh (in the meatpacking) give you (so much)shadow whilst trying to get "look inspiration" for the Jessica Stam/Carmen Cass party @ Le Baron for the Greenhouse that "no one else" knows about except you "know" marykate is going to be there cause you watched Mario Testino text her on his blackberry "kiss kiss party @ LeB" and you know you need to step it up and get a real look going and not be a repeat offender wearing those Margiela platforms you shouldn't have bought cause they're beige and now you have no money to wear black like everyone else) masses? Like you know, normal god-fearing folk.

I mean I know I could and would wear everything Rick. But... what about everyone else?

...[update:] ick I feel like a name dropper, I promise I was just trying to set the mood.

“Congratulations on your Empire” is an evolving installation, activated by the art of Boston-based Actionists, Sandrine Schaefer and Philip Fryer. Meditating on ideas surrounding frozen time and accumulation, Schaefer and Fryer will create a series of performance art pieces to transform Cambridge’s new Gallery space, over the duration of the exhibition.

The work of Sandrine Schaefer confronts the infinite perceptions of speciesism by responding to the perversion involved in America’s meat and dairy industries. Her work explores cycles of the visible becoming invisible to discover ways to inspire forward movement. while Philip Fryer’s work deals with concepts of mortality, pop culture, the paranormal, and fragility. He typically uses simple objects and minimal actions.

Schaefer & Fryer have shown their performance art, video, installation, and film in Germany, Belarus, The Philippines, Canada, and across the United States. Their shared belief in access through art has led them to create multiple collaborative works including the conception of The Present Tense, a Boston-based performance art initiative. Through The Present Tense, Schaefer and Fryer have organized multiple art festivals and artist exchanges that have given over 80 artists from all over the world an opportunity to share their work. Most currently, The Present Tense is in the process of building a comprehensive and evolving web-archive that will document contemporary time-based media.

wanna know where and when

November 1-18, 2008
55 Norfolk Street
Cambridge, MA

Opening Action- November 1st, 7pm-10 pm
2nd Action- November 8th, 12pm-6pm
Closing Action- November 15th, 7pm-10pm

For more information on these two artists visit &

Playing with ideas like primitivism, cannibalism, tribalism in terms of fashion always seems a little contrived and trendy to me. But, elusive Rick Owens snatched me up and has beckoned me into his group of faithful followers. Take me to the fucking Batcave (the one in London, this isn’t a Batman reference, faggot). I mean, cue the dry ice and lets like long for something we’ve never had, totally, I’m down. I really want to feel nothing. Anygoth, the new spring 09’ line is no deviation from the shadowy Owens standard. Playing with the bias cut, symmetry, and cut-outs, Owens dramatic voice remains and manages to still be very Prêt-à-Porter. Personally I die for everything. Here are a couple of my fave looks.

ps. I actually am feeling the trashbag shoes
pps. somebody buy me that R.O. leather vest $1999.





sorry I just cummed a little...

Kirkwood makes me forget about all the Louboutin red soled dreams of last season. Who remembers dreams anyways, aside from people who tell lies about what they dreamt of last night."Fuck me heels" are taking on a whole notha' meaning. Meaning, you're really gonna get fucked, probably by a faggot, but a dicks a dick! Don't get choozy mama!



Posh Spice: Nothing say's "come hither" like those "get the fuck away from me" Christian Louboutin for Rodate spiky heels. I like the conundrum you're working with.

Gwyneth Paltrow: in Felder Felder jacket, sexy draped black Ferragamo gown, Chopard jewels and flat Charlotte Olympia for Temperley gladiator sandals. Renew your image but don't steal Mary-kates silhouette. I thought your stylist (per your last red carpet appearance) was going for the lovely in Lanvin look, now you're giving me vamp? You have kids and you're married to the dude from that band. Leigh Lezark. Alice Ledal, Selma Blair... do I really need to name 20 other girls (10 years younger already) working those same shades of despondence? Because I totes will.

Leighton Meester: Gossip's Girl in a Zac Posen satin blazer & Stuwart Witzman booties. Not quite as effortless and chic as the outfit you tried to interpret that Ashley Olsen already wore (head to toe YSL @ the CFDA's- bitch get it right). Not enough designers knocking down your door Leighton? Loose the sad baby fat (TINA!), stop smiling and get a stylist (please get a stylist). I mean, you don't want to be hidden in Blake "bigN" Liveley’s shadow in real fucking life, do you? One stiletto and deserving it!



VMAN magazine, America’s premier men’s fashion and culture magazine and the counterpart to the international fashion, art, and lifestyle publication V magazine, has unveiled its first-ever winter issue. VMAN, which is now published quarterly, commemorates this premiere with a cover featuring Chace Crawford, breakout star of the CW Network’s Gossip Girl. The actor is featured in a series of stunning images captured by renowned photographer Mario Testino, who served as the issue’s guest editor. Crawford joins an impressive roster of stars to have graced the cover of the magazine, including Tom Brady, Ashton Kutcher, David Beckham, and Orlando Bloom. VMAN Issue 12 Winter 2008, which also includes Mario Testino’s 50-page portfolio devoted to the most extreme forms of modern masculinity, is on stands this week.

ok, Chase I know you're not gay- and no I won't tell anyone we did this...



So this is one of those posts where I kind of just show you things that I found on this Internets thing and blah blah blah blah

OK, let's begin:

Black Holes' heavy synths seem to pour out of nowhere, and then kind of deviate from there on out. This is the kind of shit I would play during the middle of a set to really get things working, once people are tired of your mashups and "those latest Kitsune tracks man". Sometimes DJing is a major drag.

Next is a Shinichi Osawa track that has recently caught wind in the BLOGHAUSSPHERE, dude.

A very straightforward, nice little track from a guy that is matter-of-fact batshit insane, AKA Shinichi Osawa (

I'll elaborate on that "HOT Japanese electro scene dance disco party" in another post, but it's crazy. Let me tell you bra.

Lastly, I just want to promote San Serac (semi-local to Boston) a little bit.

This guy knows what is really going on when it comes to disco-house vocals. He's hooked up with Johnny Dark (Junior Boys) on a project called Stereo Image and produced some stuff like this:

Catchy right? If not, this is:

And then while I'm writing about this, I read his MySpace only to find out he's doing stuff with Para One from that Institubes thing I was blogging about earlier ? That makes me really danse the poutine guise!!!

Check them out.

About that, well actually, that's really all i have to say at this moment in time.

However, despite the fact that I have consistently proclaimed my obviously undying love for the pill; REJOICE! party people, because there's one more Friday night option.

I give you Soul Clap's
"Friday House Party!"

I'm not really too sure every one's opinions on old school house music, but at the present I have found it to hold a certain resonance. In my earlier days regarding house music, I found myself adopting the notion that house music is too "soft" or "unrelatable".

I know, I know; pretty fucking stupid, right?

But hey , that's what I thought, as of right now I have developed a more mature stance regarding the sounds that can be categorized as house music.
In any case, I am pretty positive everyone goes through what we would call phases.
I'm willing to put the little money I have on this party taking you "there".

I guess that's everything for now, but who knows the weed I've been smoking has been robbing what little I have left of my memory.

Which leads me to ask, did anyone go to Heart-Throb? If so , hit me up with your observations and wrath.

love the Knight of 77'
So, maybe you've checked out French label Institubes ( after checking out that recent, absolute fire Surkin remix:

Nacho Lovers - Acid Life (Surkin Remix)

Luckily for you, I happen to have further studied into this whole "French rappers with electro production values" thing, and I came up with this:

A dish of chipped potatoes topped with curd cheese and a tomato-based sauce popularized in French-Canada.

Is this a dirty slang for French-Canadian pussy?
What was the guy dressed up as this food symbolizing while he was being pushed around?
Why do feel used & abused after watching this?

I’m never one to address nor compliment the designing, artistic, or fashion abilities of a teenaged girl, especially one of my nationality (for competition reasons, obviously), but 16-year-old Russian designer Kira Plastinina takes the cake. Adding to her repertoire of talent, she's also fucking adorable.

Having just opened her first two U.S. stores in New York City and Los Angeles in addition to the 47 locations throughout Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan (thanks to her millionaire daddy), her empire of candy-coated neon-colored girly street-wear is seen on everybody from Paris Hilton to that 18-year-old hipster you were just doing bumps with in the bathroom of Happy Endings. Damn, thanks dad!

With seven more store openings in the works in the U.S. this year, Kira has been shamelessly self promoting her cutesy designs on every red carpet this past summer whilst staying in LA before returning to Moscow for school. Her two-year-old company sky-rocketed her ego, as well as bank account, but it won't burn through yours with each clothing piece averaging at a mere 84 dollars. 84 dollars isn’t that much when you think about it… that’s what, about two grams of blow? Not a big deal.

The stores shout tacky (in the best sense of the word) Russian babygurlll princess with it's hot "Kira" pink walls, extravagant chandeliers, and full-sized mirrors ( for the narcissist or coke addict in all of us), and I’m ecstatic for the opening of the Boston location, which I am hoping is in the very near future, for the sake of every pseudo-fashionista of this city who’s just not cutting it, which needless to say is a high count.

From Russia with love.........
speaking of which , I have decided to compile a little list of a couple of events that I think you all might be interested in checking out this week.
And hopefully someone will go to all of them and save me the trouble of actually having to be that guy. But then again, after this post I am most definitely going to be that guy.

Moving forward, lets skip Monday due to the fact that Ive already pretty much had my fun , and cant even begin to explain what I mean.

This brings us to

obviously your expecting me to say " this week at heart -throb its going to be a banger!!"
but honestly I don't know, amid rumours that HeartThrob has lost its former fire, and "isn't the same."
Perhaps we should take a step back and watch the mutation of the party that Re-"Started" it all.
But I will say this, you'll have to fill me in on what you see.

Middlesex Lounge
Cambridge MA

and we come to my top pick of the week and all I have to say is YES,YES, YES

Normally I would reserve this amount of excitement for finding out someone has the user name and password to my favorite porno site.

But, it is very rare that a band with the caliber of Hercules and Love Affair comes to Boston. To think, all of us Boston fans will be able to finally see if "that guys" voice, really sounds like that live. I think that this is definitely going to be a noteworthy performance that should not be missed.

In the words of Nu-Shooz , I cant wait.

By Thursday I think I'll be pretty much dead in the water, but who knows ?
I guess if there's any party that could get me out for one more round, it is most definitely this one...



How can you go wrong with great electro-house, a burger king next door, and an off the map location to truly appease all of your underground needs. I don't know? However, I'm hoping you can meet me there and we can go over the finer points. In all seriousness, Ive found that So Dope is actually ahead of the pack, by trying to go forward and not only redefine what can be played at indie electro nights, but where they can be held.

Honestly, I would have never assumed that the little so-called "gay" bar in Dorchester could house such local talents as DJ Die Young, Baltimoroder and never to be outdone resident DJ JAYK.Although still in its infancy , I predict that once we all get tired of the same 3 bars ( to be unnamed) we will finally catch up to So-Dope.

...and thus wraps up our weekly assessment of some events that I think are worth/ not worth checking , and I'm sure you noticed I left out The Pill. Honestly, after the deep and wet cock-sucking I gave to it Sunday, I invite you to take a guess where I'll be come Friday....


I've been hearing out the new Mr. Oizo album all week. Is this too entry-level alt for me? Let me know, because in the meantime I have this track on repeat:

Jo (from upcoming LP "Lambs Anger")

Airy throwback disco much? This guy can still cut his stuff up pretty well, yeah? I think so.
Now that we have that over, lets begin our slow drudge through the last three days of our week. I occasionally refer to this abundance of time as a "weekend"

And what makes this weekend , so much different than the others, is that I have actually taken the time to committing some of it to memory. Especially, in regards to our shared love of dancing like assholes at our local "indie dance night".

But enough of that , Its often been my experience in Boston, especially in regards to non commercial dance nights, that whatever been taken as being "old" or "tired" is actually where I want to be . Simply, due to the fact that those are the nights , that deliver consistency and have created and developed an identity that becomes the foundation of a community .
Ladies and gentlemen I give you Le Pill, or if you prefer The Pill.


I have had my sporadic bouts of extreme Friday night dedication to one of Boston's longest running dance nights and as of late I have found a lingering respect and admiration for this night. This week in particular, I found the Pill to display a larger diversity within its patrons, no longer are we besieged by the harem of black haired ex karen o's , but greeted by a youful swagger of contemporary and old school indie music lovers alike . Which leads us to our next point , that although carving out a niche as Boston's premier true "indie " nights , I'm really into DJ Michael V's willingness to explore some of the more electronic based sounds coming out of the indie underground these days. However, never to be outdone; Dj Ken still has managed to maintain the floors moving with our favorite 60's beats. All and all I find the Pill to consistently delivering new and diverse sounds that can still be classified as indie dance music.


So, needless to say 3 hours in, 15 bumps deep, 5 tequila's seeping into my liver .
I find myself doing the Mary Kate dance ....

Thank God for Fridays
actually thank Satan for The Pill

knight of 77