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Despite how incredibly awful this Friday (the 13th) was for Allston, there is a lingering hope that Valentine's Day won't blow.

Here's two places you should probably be:

Of course, our good friends at FTW planning a very special Valentine's Circus at Privus Lounge. Undoubtedly this will be packed, and you can expect Fantastadon, John Barera, and our favorite adorable DJ couple Domonique and Jeff Gil to deliver some memorable sets.

Witness the triumphant return of Happy Endings @ Great Scott. There are also free Morrissey CD giveaways to suppress your imminent loneliness.

So, whether you're single or taken by that special someone, at least we can all share our collective misery somewhere.

Happy Fridaze

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Two things to check out while you're waiting for the weekend to arrive:

1. The eluxury President's Day Sale, which takes an extra 50% off already reduced designer merch, with free shipping on orders over $50. Many thanks to my hair-genius Tobey Van O for putting me on this tip. NSTAR vs. G-Star? Tough call.

2. F*** My Life: We've all thought it, now we can share it with one another.

The gloves are coming off this week! Billy Mays, the original pitch man (OxyClean, Orange Clean, Mighty Putty, Zorbeez) called Vince from ShamWow into the ring on Adam Carolla's morning show a couple of days ago. I'm surprised no mention was made of  Vince's mysterious past, because Mays certainly took the low road:
The most entertaining thing about this is the 8 Mile reference around the 2:10 mark, which reminded me of Puma's mp3 showdown at Enormous Room last night. I have to hand it to Puma for the fantastic idea; nothing keeps a party interesting like tension and variety, which came in spades. Some of the participants' gimmickry kept the stakes decidedly low, detracting from the "contest" vibe, but I'll give props to anyone doing something different and drawing such a motley cast of characters.

I'm off to let my inner prom queen get her beauty rest, since tomorrow night brings the pill's black prom with the Sun Lee Sunbeam, and Saturday is FTW's Fantastaprom. Come out...

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PS. This rumor leads me to believe that perhaps the "Digg" was merely upset that the pill's name was spelled properly on the above flyer.
Of course I didn't watch the Grammy awards, a fanciful intersection between target marketing and grotesque pageantry. I did, however, flip through numerous red carpet slideshows to bring you the flickering highlights and bottom-scraping lowlights of 2009 Grammy style. My critiques are solely fashion/overall-look-based...I'm not commenting (or caring, mostly) about these people's entertainment careers.

(Above Left) Great proportions + chic choice of shoes and necklace + face and body of Marisa Miller = foolproof. (Above Right) Objectively, I would scorn a tux to the Grammys or sunglasses at night, but these two always exhibit a certain sartorial flair. Kanye always wins creativity points with me for his fanciful and self-indulgent dress (I mean that as a compliment).
(Above Left) The inherently skill-less Audrina actually elevated this Tadashi dress (a brand I only know because they regularly supply the wardrobe for Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune) with a bold bracelet and McQueen clutch. Her hair and makeup was fresh and pretty too, steering clear of The Hills' signature orange tan/boring eyeliner/lip gloss. (Above Right) KardASSian totally brought it. The shoes and the dress look beautiful on her, and it's a more ethereal look for a typically commercial-sexy type of beauty. I wish she'd skipped the bun for softer hair, though. Too ice capades.
(Above Left) Oh Estelle...we all loved "American Girl" but that is no excuse. These clothes are wearing you so hard, they're going to take you out 'til dawn and sport you home on the train the next day. (Above Right) I don't know who Katie Cassidy is, but for a minute I thought Lindsay Lohan was dressed up as Jesus. Stain on humanity or modern art piece? Cast your vote in the comments.
(Above Left) Why did Paris pull this bizarre vintage number (which I love) from Versace, but then turn to this season of "Rock of Love Bus" for the tan, hair, and sparkly hoop earrings? Even the phrase "sparkly hoop earrings" makes me want to set myself on fire. (Above Right) Perhaps Paula Abdul's mellow yellow look is the result of one too many Gramm-amine. Canary, meet electric can opener.

Overall, the clothes at this year's Grammy awards were about as inspiring as....a Wednesday. -sigh- Fortunately, I'll cheer up later tonight when I'm out at Enormous Room supporting Michael V and DJ Ken of the pill at the Puma MP3 Beatdown (others participating include our friends Karmaloop, Hearthrob and Night Society)! So many large personalities in an enclosed space...this should get interesting...


"Dirty Lovers (ZAK BROMAN REMIX)" - Televandals

I just wanted to premiere this on the blog. Televandals is a band local to Allston that we're good friends with. They lent us the vocals to their track "Dirty Lovers" and we hope you dig the remix.

This is a merely a precursor of the shit ROGUEWAVES is about to get done. Tell us what you think.

- Z

Local DJ and friend E-MARCE currently has two nights that have been increasingly getting crazier (if that New Year's Eve THROWED party is anything to go by). Luckily for you, both of those parties are in Allston this week at Great Scott.

ICE CREAM SOCIAL ft. Chris Devlin (Spank Rock) and E-MARCE.
18+ and $10/$5 if you dress up.

Word is that Mister Girl of our very own ON THAT TIP / ROGUEWAVES will be covering this one. You can find him in that dark corner that you can people-watch from; he's pretty good at it.

THROWED (Valentine's Edition) is another 18+ night featuring E-MARCE and features B. Rich (FTW / Palms Out Sounds). Local clothing mecca Rescue will also be in attendance with $100 giveaways; you can bet we'll be pissed if you take that last pair Cheap Mondays with your gift card.