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I promise you stars that my post infrequency is due to planning the upcoming fashion show, to take place at the FTW FUCK 2008 New Year's Eve Party! I'll be styling wild individualized looks, for some of my favorite faces, with pieces from Rescue and Maya Made It. When you're just starting to get an early buzz, glamazon girls will strut by in impeccable costume with Rogue Waves of ONTHATTIP.INFO on audio. Yes, we love you.

Speaking of our fashion show, I am excited to show off Rescue's quirky, effortless, and affordable style, and equally lucky to have the serially talented Maya adding some of her pieces to the lineup. I went to visit her at her workspace today on a secret spy mission (well, not secret forever, but until I have her blessing. If I showed you, she'd have to kill me). I wanted to  bring my camera, but she was hard at work and I'm not one to interfere.

The fashion show is going to be killer.

Kara, Tobey Van O, Saf  Photo by Lara Callahan

New talent Tobey Van O (as sandwiched above), the man behind my newly lightened locks, will be working our models' hair. Curious, unique looks on the runway. Maya, whom the phrase "local designer" does no justice. I really don't want to overload you with F I E R C E until New Year's Eve. Bear with me during the posting freeze, and join FTW, ONTHATTIP.INFO, and a slew of sick DJs, come December 31st. We will bring it and we know you will, too.

Casey, I wanted to post the updated flyer, but since it's not on facebook yet, I'm going to use this magnificent Blob Fish as a place holder. Any readers who would prefer a flyer to the Blob Fish's timeless allure, definitely let Casey Rankin know.

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