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GUISE. Maybe yall remember me namedropping The Tough Alliance a couple posts back. Fortunately for THAT TIP and Co., SHAZAM read that post and realized that he could collab countries into doin it right, and produce remixes like this:

The Tough Alliance - "Neo Violence" (SHAZAM Remix)

First things first, you need to check this out if you actually live in NYC. Otherwise, this sample sale is brought to you by the letter Dicktease.
Now, for the rest of us who live in that OTHER city farther north, you know, the one where fashion moves when its first husband divorces it for a younger woman and it gains weight and becomes complacent and wears sweatpants out because they're "comfy"...let us take a moment to give thanks for internet shopping. Because:

So. Black Sheep And Prodigal Sons. The self-described "purveyors of dark and uncommon goods" deal in meticulous handmade objects, such as 24K gold-plated jawbone ashtrays and scrimshaw pendants carved on 1920s piano keys. BS&PS share a dark purity of design with co-collaborator and NYC menswear label THECAST, whose founders, Chuck Guarino and Ryan Turner, run their studio out of a damp LES basement where the cement walls are supplemented with taxidermy and scattered vintage pornography. In 2006, this is where I briefly met BS&PS designer Derrick Cruz, who showed me a cottonmouth snake head scarf bolo, handcarved in brass. Their pieces feel as if they were stolen from the home of a wealthy eccentric in the early 1900s, neither flamboyant nor fashionable, but stately in a peculiar way. Expensive as fuck? Yes. But well worth owning. 

See you out and about tonight...
xxxx The Fashist Dictator
For those of you who have never been to Topaz boutique in Harvard Square, you should go. And because you have nothing better to do in that awkward Friday time slot between flipping off your workplace as you speed away and drinking 'til you forget you have to go back Monday, I'm going to give you a great excuse to check it out.

Tomorrow evening from 4-8 pm, the ladies at Topaz are hosting a jewelry show for KumKum, a fun, ageless swedish line. Last time I went to a Topaz event, I scoped some brilliant dresses and drank a lot of free wine; it is the type of environment where you can feel comfortable chatting up every person there (me) or being the strong, silent type by the displays (Broman).  

Topaz sells clothing as well as jewelry, and is predominantly feminine, accented with some edgier, sophisticated style elements. That also pretty much covers how I would describe Stacy Jethroe, its creative director. Stacy exudes the kind of warmth and congeniality which simultaneously makes me feel welcome and reminds me what a snarky, cynical bitch I am, and I love her for it.

Come meet Stacy (how could you not want to now), try on some jewels from KumKum and a host of other designers, get a buzz on before you do the same shit you always do on Fridays, which for me is le pill, and say hello to moi. Or you could stay home and chill with your collection of Domino's boxes and wrinkled clothes that aren't going to get any cuter if you sit around for 3 more hours waiting to put them on. Hope to see you there.
Here it is .... drunken misplaced opinions to follow

Weds Nov. 19


hmmmmmn, we'll give it a 60-40 , although the last Throwed we attended actually worked us out quite nicely. So let's kick it up to 70-30?

Thursday Nov. 20

there's a lot of shit going down , so here's my feeble attempt at narrowing it down for you guys

I don't know what the fuck this is, but Ive never been and I gotta say I'm extremely curious to see what its all about.


I almost want to , but then I realized pedophilia is not a good look for me ... in this case it might be better for someone else , use your own discretion.


.... all IMO going to say about this party is,
"hate to say I told you so"

Friday Nov. 21

Obviously I will be at the Pill, because I am a slave to habit in all of the worst ways .... actually its awesome and works me out every time. However, if I was going to disregard my favorite Friday night rage fest.
I would suggest this hitting this up


I mean aside from Napoleon , not too many shitty things come from France ( actually, ignore that last part so my argument doesn't fall flat on it's face). Just check it out assholes.

Saturday Nov. 22


Sometimes the Goodlife isn't what you think its going to be , but in this case I like to think the advertising is dead on.
I'll see you there


Knight of 77'

p.s full reviews of Sweat and Privus coming right around the bend
sup dudes. is this the very future of music?

lemme know. maybe i'll see yall at the next "paper" and we can talk about authenticity & originality in music today.

siq bro.

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(see yall at privus lounge?)
As of this weekend, I have a new bestie, and it only took me 5 minutes to know that this is just the  beginning of a long and mutually fulfilling relationship. And Tommy, while I can feel your queen-sized ego swelling as you read that, I am actually referring to Rescue, the new buy/sell/trade boutique at two-fifty-two Brighton Avenue in Allston.

Owners Jeralyn and her brother Paul (a more-chiseled Pedro Winter doppelganger...get it while it's hot, ladies) really don't fuck around, and for that I commend them. Their store is everything I could want in a best friend - minimal bullshit, maximal chic, good taste in music and steals my money (ha!).

Rescue's clothes are SO WELL EDITED. When I go to a secondhand store, I expect to pay for my bargain by scouring racks of Mudd Jeans frayed-waistband miniskirts and pilled Old Navy which was already shitty at the time of original purchase. Not so here. Throughout my visit, I spotted a scarlet MaxMara cocktail dress, t-shirts from Surface To Air and Rogues Gallery, a Temperley-esque off-white fringed flapper dress, a Broman-sized black laminate Dior Homme longsleeve, and a high-waisted, knee-length flared leather skirt that I wasn't allowed to try on because they "don't change the mannequins until Tuesdays." It's okay; I like when you make me work for it...raaaarrz.

For $80 total, I ended up walking with a gray Agnes B. shirtdress that is seamed to PERFECTION, a heavy, sinister vintage wool cape that will give me a non-fur option when the depressing winter shitstorm hits, and a pair of electric blue flat lace-ups that are very "Bowling Shoe circa 2075." Trust me when I say that bowling will be a very fash sport in the year 2075.

Go to it! Lads and lasses alike can't resist the allure of under-$30 Marc by Marc. Let me know how you make out.

Rescue at 252 Brighton Avenue in Allston.