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Tommorow evening stay tuned for a full size sex doll version of the events that I will be forced to witness this evening.

I can't help but feel decidedly...undecided about fashion right now, and I could smell the recession-fear in the Pre-Fall 2009 Collections. The designers' varied reactions to the times made for an interesting collage of concepts, one which I felt made it difficult for the observer to deduce what exactly now is. Major magazines' vapid celebrity parade and vulgar, out-of-touch "cheap chic" articles have already shown me that the fashion and fashion marketing industry are grasping at straws; when you force-feed people enough homogeny, eventually they will stop knowing what they want, and you in turn will wonder what to give them. I see a lot of confused pandering that I hope corrects itself before the fall presentations.

My plan was a Pre-Fall 2009 overview post, but my opinions on the collections are so varied that I am going to break everything down into a few posts. In spite of my distaste for the "business" of clothes, I love clothes themselves and I will start off with my picks from two of my immediate favorite designers. Geniuses.  I'm also very pleased to see the return of the clean face- I've been ditching my mascara during the day and sticking to Smith's Rosebud Salve on the lips, cheeks and eyelids. It soothes and protects from the currently arctic winds of Allston.

Pre-Fall 2009: Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang's collection for Pre-Fall feels more cerebral than his previous work. These clothes are so simultaneously young and grown-up- see the playful proportions of lingerie fabrics paired with an avuncular jacket and short below left- that it's kind of perverted. I love it. It's hot! Wang's model, Charlotte Hoyer, has a prepubescent Vlada-meets-Toni-Garrn quality and was a great choice for this presentation. 

(Above Left) The perfect layering keeps the individual pieces (mesh bike shorts? a midriff-baring brassiere?) from looking ridiculous. Ensembles like this are proof you can wear anything, if you do it right. (Above Right) The young minimalist done properly, and I love the sleeves at hem-length. 

(Above Left) This shape is effortless daytime sexy, and the neckline is an ideally shaped deep-V. (Above Right) So awkward! Again, the styling reels odd individual elements into exceptional smart-sloppy. Bonus points for showing midriff (in multiple looks!) without a hint of sluttiness.

Pre-Fall 2009: Balenciaga

Nicolas Ghesquiere (Balenciaga designer) never misses. I really do revere him; I wonder sometimes if I would dare to criticize his work, but fortunately he never forces me to make a decision. He is brilliant, always. Learn him, know him, and love him. The first picture (Below Left) is impeccable. The colors, the details, the proportions, the glasses, the shoes- this is runway and street style, and I tip my hat to the house of Balenciaga once again.

(Above Left) Flawless. (Above Right) I know the controversial drop-crotch trouser begs the "pantload?" question; I find that males particularly abhor this shape, along with the high-waist, pleated mom trousers of winter. I like when "ugly" shapes look smart (Demeulemeester also does a brilliant job with that).

(Above Left) The proportions of this look are very fresh, and the excessive volume of the fur gloves works. For the street, I'd ditch the glasses and wear an equally joke-oversized dark scarf. (Above Right) I would rarely look twice at a party dress that had this moderately-mini hemline and so much covered on top, but the placing of the delicate lace is stunning, and it carries the tougher boots and gloves.

There are more sharp looks to come, as well as some gross miscalculations of style...stay tuned over the next several days for the Pre-Fall 2009 Collections, Continued......

xx The Fashist Dictator


Last night was
the ROGUEWAVES appearance at Paper (Harper's Ferry). We did an opening set, Nato did his thing, and then I just kind of fucked around and beatmashed some stuff for the Northeastern & BU honeyz as the night drew to an end. Do you kids love it?

Here's some of our playlist:

So, like any other normal person, I was listening to BBC Radio 1 the other day, and Damon Albarn (of Blur fame) was guest spinning. He ended up debuting some of the new tracks for Gorillaz; one of which I can (shamefully) admit that I enjoy listening to. Guilty pleasure of early 09, fersherr.

"Broken" - Gorillaz

That's all for tonight. Justin and I will be DJing the afterparty for neighborhood friends Televandals @ 1am (Allston). Goodnight, and good fight.


So here's a couple of things to look forward to starting this evening

Thursday Jan 15th


Although we ( zak broman, and m'self ) aren't listed we'll hitting the decks this evening.
In addition to that, yet again I'll get to know the joys of feeling like a pedophile.

<span class=Photobucket" border="0">

... really? ? ? ? This is too easy , so I'll just say no I wont be there.

<span class=Photobucket" border="0">

What the fuck is up with cats? However, this is probably the more interesting event's going on right now . I think its def something to look into, and I mean who cares if the enormous room is the size of a box of maxi pads.

<span class=Photobucket" border="0">

I think we all pretty much know how this is going to be. So, if you missed JayK last Tuesday , So Dope is most definitely the place to get your fix, and Dorchester or not , you know what the deal is . Bonus points for being situated next to Burger King... get a whopper and go dance bitches.

Tuesday Jan 13th
Throwed@ Great Scott
featuring Emarce, JayK, and Michael V.Hosted by Jellz, The Blondes, and Katie F


Although, my title may appear to be in the spirit of poking a little fun at Throwed, I am one hundred percent serious when I say that all of the above mentioned happened. With that said, I suppose that's why this particular evening at Throwed, I was somewhat impressed.

Normally, especially when it comes down to a lot of so called indie or electro parties in the area, it would appear that we are stuck between two different places. One place is what we think we should be doing when at these event's i.e bum-rushing the stage, because for some reason the song being played doesn't sound like the one played before it(not). Then on the other end,we are left with what we want to do at these events, and when those inclinations are followed we get the best party results.

I found, that last Tuesday , Emarce's Throwed incited and facilitated the later. In my humble opinion that is what created the energy (both negative, and positive) but that energy was authentic and unforced.


Although, obviously arriving drunkenly late in the true spirit of living on CP time, taking some at the time needed detours, and thus missing Mr. K's set.


I was extremely pleased by the sounds I was hearing from Emarce. This time around, Emarce definitely stepped out and took some audio based risks ( i wont get into the fashion ones...just kidding eric) that really paid off. Dare I say , but is Emarce finally coming out of his shell.
If so , I don't know if its god I should be thanking, but whatever it's about time.
However, our closer of the evening , Michael V definitely took the reigns where Emarce left off, although I am getting a bit tired of "Shut and Let Me Go (lazrTag remix), this beggar can't be a chooser. All things considered, as predicted almost a hundred posts back Mr V is becoming a force to be reckoned with.


In conclusion , I guess its safe to say every other week it's fun to pretend your 18, and I am most definitely looking forward to doing it again


p.s dude outside of Great Scott that was requesting make out session with me ... I'll be djing Paper in roughly 3hours i.e meet me in the greenroom ;)


Bi-weekly Wednesday electro / indie / house / filth party.


ROGUE WAVES (ONTHATTIP.INFO) (Zak Broman + Mister Girl)
ft. So Dope's JAY K THE DJ, with an opening set by SEAN P & DJ WORKFORCE !






That's right Mutha-Fucka's! There's a crazy Mutha-Fuckin party going on tonight featuring some of my favorite Mutha-Fuckin people in the city. Of course, I am talking about Mutha - Fuckin Throwed at Great Scott this evening!


Featuring Jayk(so-dope),Emarce, Michael V (the pill), Katie Frothingham, Jellz, The Blondes, and Travis.

This is going to be Mutha-Fuckin hard to beat kids!

Stay tuned for the full Mutha-Fuckin review


Mister Mutha-Fuckin Girl

So, I decided that I'm going to celebrate an hour's worth of coding / layout design by posting this picture of Scarlett Johansson. I hope yall enjoy the new look. Maybe you'll take us seriously?

Another update to the website is that I've imported all of our pre-ONTHATTIP blog posts (aka the ones from "THATTIP.INFO") so you can see just how far along we've come.

ALSO, you are able to comment on our posts.

Check back later this week to see more of the stuff we've been busy at work on - including the relaunch of HELLAUXX @ Privus Lounge. We just had a photo shoot with Christopher Huang featuring three lovely ladies, and I'm damn proud / excited to show you.

OK, I'm exhausted. Bye.


First thought that came to mind, honestly. However, you have to give it to Rescue. This store is
definitely on its way to "rescuing" ( forgive the obvious play on words) Boston from the false hopes of what a vintage clothing store can be, and has been here. So, why not expand into providing the top of the line tunes for the kiddies? Boston, I give you Rescue Nite at the Model . Featuring Jeralyn our favorite lady behind the counter, and now she's behind the decks. Thank god because we all know this city is always in need of one more fierce lady DJ (that's right I said it)

For this post instead of my usual declarations, incoherent assessment's of nights that I have been to , and lets face it , shifting through vodka soaked notes . I figure we would get the synopsis straight from the Lions Mouth (
that's for you Jeralyn) . That is a serious musical hint for some of you , and if you guys get it, you are going to love what is in store for you. However, for right now here is my q&a with Jeralyn!

What is the name of your night, and what is the background of that name?

We haven't really thought of a proper name yet, so we're just calling it RESCUE
NITE. Not very exciting or original, I realize, but we want to keep it associated with the store for now. Perhaps we'll think of something better soon!

Where did the idea of doing this particular style of a night come from?

I have been
DJing in NYC for 6 years and my nights have always been post-punk/punk/new wave-specific. I just love that style of music and I love the new bands that are influenced by it, so I try to mix them together and get people dancing. As far as doing the night here in Boston, we decided it would be good for us because most of the nights we know about are either techno/electro nights--which is music that Paul & I are not really into--or "joke" nights, like at The Model when some dude will just play 20 Misfits songs off his computer. We wanted to do something that goes with the philosophy of our store--mixing the best of the old and the new in a fresh way.

How long have you been djing this particular style of music ? and what initially attracted you to these diverse genres?

- I've been
DJing for about 6 years and I've been record collecting for about 14 years (makes me sound SO old to say that!)... when I first moved to NYC, my boyfriend DJed fairly regularly at some prominent parties and he kept insisting that I get into it since I spent so much money hunting down all these old records and was constantly obsessing over new bands that were in a similar vein. Post-punk and new wave has just always been my jam. I love the eighties, can't help it, always have... especially once I discovered how many newer bands that I liked were influenced by them...

How do you think your night will stack up against other nights in the area that are of the same vein ? or is that even a concerning factor?

I don't know of any nights that are similar in style to this, except maybe Heroes at
TT's? I guess The Pill plays similar styles, but they also veer into the electro that we'll be staying very far away from. Also, our night is going to be more about just hanging out and chilling, not a super crazy party, so hopefully we'll all be able to co-exist.

Top 5 personal tracks?

OOH this is hard, of course! Here's what I love right now and this is as of this moment, right now, and subject to change in the briefest second:

Gentle Touch - Expectations
Pulp - Acrylic Afternoons
Billy Bragg - The Marriage
Dramarama - Anything Anything
Shocking Pinks - This Aching Deal

A quick personal question,The Sound versus Joy Division ? Who wins and why?

Well this is a toughie, but I will obviously have to go with Joy Division because, not only have they changed my life in many irrevocable ways, but I also have "She's Lost Control" tattooed on my neck... (Though I have thought about a few Sound tattoos and will probably get one someday!)

If you like what you just read, and would like to get a quick sampling of what to expect, Jeralyn was kind enough to provide a short play list. Which, includes a couple of links to each individual track for additional downloading.


Stone Roses - Elephant Stone
New Order - Age of Consent
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Christine
PIL - This is Not a Love Song
The Cure - Like An Animal
Pulp - Do You Remember The First Time?
Vibrators - Baby Baby
Cut Copy - Saturdays
Gang of Four - Damaged Goods
Bow Wow Wow - TV Savage
The Slits - Walk About
Friendly Fires - Jump In The Pool
Maximum Joy - Stretch
Liquid Liquid -
A Certain Ratio - Shack Up
Morrissey - I Don't Mind If You Forget Me
Blur - Boys and Girls
Pylon - Danger
MGMT - Electric Feel

Get ready Boston, Rescue is here and I don't think they're taking prisoners


I know that Rescue garners a lot of attention from me personally on this fact, a tip reader asked me at Circus if I worked there. I don't. I just don't see why their inventory isn't turning over every two weeks because it is BRILLIANT. Instead of the usual Brigid-Rescue-jerk-circle post, I'm just going to put my mouth where my money is, because I went shopping today. It could, and should, be you.
And yes, the sunglasses are Marc...not Marc by Marc. For approximately the price of a parking ticket.