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This is a throwback to an old post about the down-unda wonder Jimmy2Sox. I love this guy and all of the work he does and the fact he's doin it right. This joint just about does it as the often-played song of the week. (post-Weds, I was sick for a while yall)


The 90s just like the 80's, were a good time for everyone involved. However, unlike the 80's , the 90's knew when to stop, or at least I thought they did.

However, Middlesexx has decided for all of us that the 90's are still going on and will continue to do so until further notice. In the case of Yoyoyo 90's Jam - Wet Bandits Edition this isn't such a bad thing. Although, I complain about the "direction" that culture takes in its self-destructive circle, honestly we had nowhere left to go.

90's music , especially hip hop has always held a special place in my heart, and clearly the guys of "YO 90s Jams" know and appreciate this time.

Also, can you say an hour of real ass Jamaican dance hall, seriously all I was missing was the beef patty, coco bread (with cheese of course), and dodging bullets in the middle of Franklin Park.


I think its about time we start giving Throwed a little more credit then they receive. Out of the numerous shit shows I have attended, I have to say Throwed keeps up the pace by not only having great DJs but awesome live acts as well; i.e Hercules and Love Affair (w o r k ). Luckily, last night was no exception to that rule at all. Magic Don Juan Rimini's casual yet powerful approach to the art of djing truly carried this evening. I found myself a willing participant in the sound scape skillfully created, that ultimately resulted in the height of electro goodness.

but then again , I was rolling.
do what you will with that information .


I figured that I might as well make my first post on this relaunched blog that kind of post.

Justice vs Simian - We Are Your Friends (Cold Blank Remix)

SHIT yeah - now I can make that eccentric "I'm enjoying this song after midnight on the weekends because everybody else is and I'm kind of buzzed off of my vodka tonic, bro" pose.

Actually, Cold Blank is kind of nice in that sort of way. I guess it's the dude from Hot Biscuits. they're cool, right? Am I hip yet? Do I lose blog points because my first post has Justeese in it?

Cold Blank - Calaca

Nothing else seems to catch my attention right now, but you'd be well-informed if you came to our aforementioned launch party at Privus Lounge this Saturday night.


Is it OK & legal to post this? Will I receive "important legal documents" in the mail? Let me know.


For your sake, I hope Christophe Decarnin (designer for the french house of Balmain) is already on your fashion radar. Decarnin's girls are like polished punk superheroes, and even now-cliches like the pyramid stud are done justice in the S/S 09 collection. In his A/W 08 and S/S 09 collections, rhinestones, leather, spikes, studs, netting, and acid wash have all been successfully taken to charm school. I would highly advise browsing past Balmain looks on; here is a starter set from S/S 09 to further tempt you. 
The shoulder silhouette and proportion here are absolutely brilliant, and I always like to show a lot of leg with my party clothes. All I need to do now is wait for my AmEx black card to arrive in the mail.
It's midweek, which means you should be attending our ONTHATTIP.INFO Launch Party @ Circus on Saturday, outlined in my inaugural post.  As shown below, my first post on the old blog was a review of Rescue, whose rad owners J+P are contributing $200 in gift cards to said party.

Go check out the total mockery of reality that is my outfit in the Street Style section of Rescue's website, and make sure I see your face on Saturday. These are dark times we live in, and it's about time we got all made up and started acting on the pleasure principle.


As of this weekend, I have a new bestie, and it only took me 5 minutes to know that this is just the beginning of a long and mutually fulfilling relationship. And Tommy, while I can feel your queen-sized ego swelling as you read that, I am actually referring to Rescue, the new buy/sell/trade boutique at two-fifty-two Brighton Avenue in Allston.

Owners Jeralyn and her brother Paul (a more-chiseled Pedro Winter doppelganger...get it while it's hot, ladies) really don't fuck around, and for that I commend them. Their store is everything I could want in a best friend - minimal bullshit, maximal chic, good taste in music and steals my money (ha!).

Rescue's clothes are SO WELL EDITED. When I go to a secondhand store, I expect to pay for my bargain by scouring racks of Mudd Jeans frayed-waistband miniskirts and pilled Old Navy which was already shitty at the time of original purchase. Not so here. Throughout my visit, I spotted a scarlet MaxMara cocktail dress, t-shirts from Surface To Air and Rogues Gallery, a Temperley-esque off-white fringed flapper dress, a Broman-sized black laminate Dior Homme longsleeve, and a high-waisted, knee-length flared leather skirt that I wasn't allowed to try on because they "don't change the mannequins until Tuesdays." It's okay; I like when you make me work for it...raaaarrz.

For $80 total, I ended up walking with a gray Agnes B. shirtdress that is seamed to PERFECTION, a heavy, sinister vintage wool cape that will give me a non-fur option when the depressing winter shitstorm hits, and a pair of electric blue flat lace-ups that are very "Bowling Shoe circa 2075." Trust me when I say that bowling will be a very fash sport in the year 2075.
Go to it! Lads and lasses alike can't resist the allure of under-$30 Marc by Marc. Let me know how you make out.

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, I bring you ONTHATTIP.INFO, your new authority on the who, what, where and how fresh. It's that restless time of year, and we're investing that energy into the trouble we plan to get into both for you and with you. This Saturday's ONTHATTIP Launch Party presented by Circus will be taking place at Privus in Allston, and we hope you can leave the mundanity at home to join the dancing and trash talking. While our friends DJ Michael V (the pill), RogueWaves (, and Die Young (Dopamine Records) earfuck us, we plan to get tipsy and blinded by Lara Callahan's flashbulb. Join your hosts, myself, The Fashist Dictator of ONNTHATTIP, Gio Bangs (karmaloop), Lucy Lux (, and Casey Rankin (FTW) and win giveaways for two $25, one $50, or one $100 gift cards from Rescue, the best new store in Allston.

Think of this as celebrating our rebirth, and come get in ONTHATTIP community. I, your Dictator in Chief, will be serving up your fashion and style notes, while Mister Girl tips you on nightlife and Zak rounds out your musical knowledge. We are ONTHATTIP.INFO, and if you're not already ONTHATTIP too then get cracking. There are headliners and there are sideliners, darlings.

On that memory lane stroll tip, please check out the original, formerly known as THATTIP.INFO, where we played with the concept and got our panties out of a twist. We bring you the new and improved version here at ONTHATTIP.INFO. Let us tickle your fancy.