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So this is one of those posts where I kind of just show you things that I found on this Internets thing and blah blah blah blah

OK, let's begin:

Black Holes' heavy synths seem to pour out of nowhere, and then kind of deviate from there on out. This is the kind of shit I would play during the middle of a set to really get things working, once people are tired of your mashups and "those latest Kitsune tracks man". Sometimes DJing is a major drag.

Next is a Shinichi Osawa track that has recently caught wind in the BLOGHAUSSPHERE, dude.

A very straightforward, nice little track from a guy that is matter-of-fact batshit insane, AKA Shinichi Osawa (

I'll elaborate on that "HOT Japanese electro scene dance disco party" in another post, but it's crazy. Let me tell you bra.

Lastly, I just want to promote San Serac (semi-local to Boston) a little bit.

This guy knows what is really going on when it comes to disco-house vocals. He's hooked up with Johnny Dark (Junior Boys) on a project called Stereo Image and produced some stuff like this:

Catchy right? If not, this is:

And then while I'm writing about this, I read his MySpace only to find out he's doing stuff with Para One from that Institubes thing I was blogging about earlier ? That makes me really danse the poutine guise!!!

Check them out.


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