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Playing with ideas like primitivism, cannibalism, tribalism in terms of fashion always seems a little contrived and trendy to me. But, elusive Rick Owens snatched me up and has beckoned me into his group of faithful followers. Take me to the fucking Batcave (the one in London, this isn’t a Batman reference, faggot). I mean, cue the dry ice and lets like long for something we’ve never had, totally, I’m down. I really want to feel nothing. Anygoth, the new spring 09’ line is no deviation from the shadowy Owens standard. Playing with the bias cut, symmetry, and cut-outs, Owens dramatic voice remains and manages to still be very Prêt-à-Porter. Personally I die for everything. Here are a couple of my fave looks.

ps. I actually am feeling the trashbag shoes
pps. somebody buy me that R.O. leather vest $1999.


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