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Today I realized that other countries in the BLOGHAUSSPHERE are doin it right, and so weren't Hercules and Love Affair last night at the Middle East downstairs. My bestie Knight of 77 was also there and managed to get a few words in with them. I'm sure he'll talk about it later.

Australia are doin it right. The aforementioned Empire of the Sun ( has been eerily infectious this week:

Fellow Aussie Jimmy2Sox ( got this playing in my head for a few hours. It's a fluid vibe with vocals that are wonderfully drenched in reverb.

Jimmy2sox & U-GO-B – Big Fat Rio

Japaneses have been doin it right for quite some time:

And while we're on Japan, let me talk about DE DE MOUSE ( as being totally batshit insane. It's an entire field of poppy being beatmashed too fast and holy shit what am I watching:


Sweden currently has this beach party throwback vibe going on. I could write about it all night. A good place to start is with the ever-so subversive The Tough Alliance ( from my homietown Gothenburg. Swinging bats onstage yeah?

So is America doin it right? Not really, but France is:


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