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speaking of which , I have decided to compile a little list of a couple of events that I think you all might be interested in checking out this week.
And hopefully someone will go to all of them and save me the trouble of actually having to be that guy. But then again, after this post I am most definitely going to be that guy.

Moving forward, lets skip Monday due to the fact that Ive already pretty much had my fun , and cant even begin to explain what I mean.

This brings us to

obviously your expecting me to say " this week at heart -throb its going to be a banger!!"
but honestly I don't know, amid rumours that HeartThrob has lost its former fire, and "isn't the same."
Perhaps we should take a step back and watch the mutation of the party that Re-"Started" it all.
But I will say this, you'll have to fill me in on what you see.

Middlesex Lounge
Cambridge MA

and we come to my top pick of the week and all I have to say is YES,YES, YES

Normally I would reserve this amount of excitement for finding out someone has the user name and password to my favorite porno site.

But, it is very rare that a band with the caliber of Hercules and Love Affair comes to Boston. To think, all of us Boston fans will be able to finally see if "that guys" voice, really sounds like that live. I think that this is definitely going to be a noteworthy performance that should not be missed.

In the words of Nu-Shooz , I cant wait.

By Thursday I think I'll be pretty much dead in the water, but who knows ?
I guess if there's any party that could get me out for one more round, it is most definitely this one...



How can you go wrong with great electro-house, a burger king next door, and an off the map location to truly appease all of your underground needs. I don't know? However, I'm hoping you can meet me there and we can go over the finer points. In all seriousness, Ive found that So Dope is actually ahead of the pack, by trying to go forward and not only redefine what can be played at indie electro nights, but where they can be held.

Honestly, I would have never assumed that the little so-called "gay" bar in Dorchester could house such local talents as DJ Die Young, Baltimoroder and never to be outdone resident DJ JAYK.Although still in its infancy , I predict that once we all get tired of the same 3 bars ( to be unnamed) we will finally catch up to So-Dope.

...and thus wraps up our weekly assessment of some events that I think are worth/ not worth checking , and I'm sure you noticed I left out The Pill. Honestly, after the deep and wet cock-sucking I gave to it Sunday, I invite you to take a guess where I'll be come Friday....