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I know where Hercules and Love Affair was on Tuesday evening, yes I do! Kiss-Kissing with the likes of none other than Karl Lagerfeld at the Opening of the Chanel Mobile Art container after playing a rather "rollicking" set (EXCLUSIVE Agyness Deyn quote right there loves). From Chanel, Karl, and Kate Bosworth to the middle east in Cambridge, MA... oh what we'll do for money.

Architect Zaha Hadid created the futuristic pavilion, housing anomalous interpretation, dreamy fastasy, and the dynamic vision of 20 international artists translating what they believe to be the inspiring elements of the Iconic Chanel quilted bag. Yes, its a huge ego massage-fest at the House that Coco built. Smack dab right in the middle of Central Park, and free admission- I mean hello.

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Head Designer Karl Lagerfeld, captain bondage- in a black and white, chose more metaphysical musings for his choice media rebuttal when asked about the juncture at which art and his fashions meet.
"What is art, what is architecture, what is fashion?"
-really, go on. Is that fine orange Italian leather or your skin that's turning me on...

"All those things, one should not put it in the same melting pot. Architecture is architecture, fashion is fashion, and art is art. We don't need art, but we cannot live without it."
Speak for yourself Daddy K, I need a giant Chanel teddy S&M mise-en-scène and a giant purse just to get me through the day.

"Actually, architecture we need because otherwise we are freezing, and clothes we need because we cannot run around naked."

So, leave Boston, go to NYC and check out the exhibit. You may see Agyness Deyn, But don't worry- she's just the 6th member of Jem and the holograms and merely a figment of hipster imagination. You can only blame yourself.

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The moral of the story is this...Basically, leave Boston.


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