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For all y'all wannabe strippers, pseudo sluts, escort girls in training, or just anybody that's trying to live through the 90' Miami era all over again, check out LalaLingerie lingerie etc. The name alone makes me think of Bettie Page look-alikes on a merry-go-round and blood-red cotton candy dripping down their faces with Slayer blasting in place of that childish jingle whilst tugging on their black and white studded bikini bottoms.

It's like what American Apparel swimsuits wanted to be but never could have the nerve. Upon releasing their 2008 swimsuit collection, they incorporated mismatching gold lame with white rhinestoned bottoms, and lacey white monokinis with chains. Of course LalaLingerie didn't fail to incorporate those 5-inch stripper heels that all of y'all know I LOVE to wear along with each outfit...


Oh, did I mention their swimsuit/lingerie/CASUAL-wear line is headlined by impeccable sluts-R-us Halloween costumes ?! Now I know where I'll be picking out my costume, and if I know any of you as well as I think I do, you will want to too. With sub-catagories such as but not limited to, "sexy costumes", "schoolgirl costumes", "fairytale costumes", "pirate costumes", etc., who could resist? We're all sluts on the inside, right ? Oh, on that note, they've got "men's costumes" for all the queens in the world. Or my neighbor hood, the South end, which is a close tie.

I know it may be difficult to differentiate the costumes from the swimsuits from the lingerie but I swear it all makes sense on the website, and I swear this up & coming line is worth checking out. I swear to god. Or Bettie Page. Whatever.

FrOm RuSsIa WiTh LoVe ....!!?!

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  1. scenebitch On October 27, 2008 at 12:21 PM

    i know you're from russia, but you don't have a firm grasp on syntax and this article is irrelevant- ragsandbones or whatever is a much better writer. I have no idea why you are writing about fashion.