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so this is a video of my friends Anahit and Jenny Mo from American Apparel.
here they both star in this homemade video of Pop Levi's track called "Mai space"
which was actually written about one of the singers ex girlfriend. her Name was Mai, hence the tittle of the song the girls thought it would be cute to make a video for the song.
the whole thing was shot at daddy Dov Charney's house in LA. this is also where Jenny Mo lives... they won't let her leave. she shares the house with 8 other girls who Dov dubs worthy enough. in other words any girl he can tip with his tip. Dov is never home, therefore most of the time its just a bunch of Asians and awkward looking white girls fighting over that 40 something Jew cock. which is not a cute look. or they are spending their time and American Apparel's payroll to make shit like this....

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