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After enduring what was one of the more hectic Fridays Ive encountered in some time, I figured I would give this going out thing another shot. So, of course it's straight to ....
Circus @ The Privus Lounge.


I am a huge fan of Circus at the Privus lounge, and believe me I am extremely skeptical of anything located next to the Kell's on a Saturday evening. However, every other week this party truly dedicates its self to providing diversity in the DJs it. This past Saturday was no exception , Circus featured Krames ( Cobra Kai), Beyonder ( Bladerunners),TeenWolf & Rev McFly .... Needless to say ,the music from beginning to end was more than the perfect combination of blog-house, electro, old school hip hop, and everything between. In addition to the music , host Gio Bangs hit it over the head. Combing great taste and stunning looks, kept the dance-floor moving i.e what the fuck your supposed to do ( for those of you that missed that fax)


Guess I can't really complain, unless you totally missed the title of this post, but its not every Saturday night I see a Do The Right Thing inspired minstrel show.

Knight Of 77'

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