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For those of you who have never been to Topaz boutique in Harvard Square, you should go. And because you have nothing better to do in that awkward Friday time slot between flipping off your workplace as you speed away and drinking 'til you forget you have to go back Monday, I'm going to give you a great excuse to check it out.

Tomorrow evening from 4-8 pm, the ladies at Topaz are hosting a jewelry show for KumKum, a fun, ageless swedish line. Last time I went to a Topaz event, I scoped some brilliant dresses and drank a lot of free wine; it is the type of environment where you can feel comfortable chatting up every person there (me) or being the strong, silent type by the displays (Broman).  

Topaz sells clothing as well as jewelry, and is predominantly feminine, accented with some edgier, sophisticated style elements. That also pretty much covers how I would describe Stacy Jethroe, its creative director. Stacy exudes the kind of warmth and congeniality which simultaneously makes me feel welcome and reminds me what a snarky, cynical bitch I am, and I love her for it.

Come meet Stacy (how could you not want to now), try on some jewels from KumKum and a host of other designers, get a buzz on before you do the same shit you always do on Fridays, which for me is le pill, and say hello to moi. Or you could stay home and chill with your collection of Domino's boxes and wrinkled clothes that aren't going to get any cuter if you sit around for 3 more hours waiting to put them on. Hope to see you there.

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