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As of this weekend, I have a new bestie, and it only took me 5 minutes to know that this is just the  beginning of a long and mutually fulfilling relationship. And Tommy, while I can feel your queen-sized ego swelling as you read that, I am actually referring to Rescue, the new buy/sell/trade boutique at two-fifty-two Brighton Avenue in Allston.

Owners Jeralyn and her brother Paul (a more-chiseled Pedro Winter doppelganger...get it while it's hot, ladies) really don't fuck around, and for that I commend them. Their store is everything I could want in a best friend - minimal bullshit, maximal chic, good taste in music and steals my money (ha!).

Rescue's clothes are SO WELL EDITED. When I go to a secondhand store, I expect to pay for my bargain by scouring racks of Mudd Jeans frayed-waistband miniskirts and pilled Old Navy which was already shitty at the time of original purchase. Not so here. Throughout my visit, I spotted a scarlet MaxMara cocktail dress, t-shirts from Surface To Air and Rogues Gallery, a Temperley-esque off-white fringed flapper dress, a Broman-sized black laminate Dior Homme longsleeve, and a high-waisted, knee-length flared leather skirt that I wasn't allowed to try on because they "don't change the mannequins until Tuesdays." It's okay; I like when you make me work for it...raaaarrz.

For $80 total, I ended up walking with a gray Agnes B. shirtdress that is seamed to PERFECTION, a heavy, sinister vintage wool cape that will give me a non-fur option when the depressing winter shitstorm hits, and a pair of electric blue flat lace-ups that are very "Bowling Shoe circa 2075." Trust me when I say that bowling will be a very fash sport in the year 2075.

Go to it! Lads and lasses alike can't resist the allure of under-$30 Marc by Marc. Let me know how you make out.

Rescue at 252 Brighton Avenue in Allston.

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  1. Anonymous On November 17, 2008 at 5:30 AM

    Broman sized??? MMmmmmMmMMmMM