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First things first, you need to check this out if you actually live in NYC. Otherwise, this sample sale is brought to you by the letter Dicktease.
Now, for the rest of us who live in that OTHER city farther north, you know, the one where fashion moves when its first husband divorces it for a younger woman and it gains weight and becomes complacent and wears sweatpants out because they're "comfy"...let us take a moment to give thanks for internet shopping. Because:

So. Black Sheep And Prodigal Sons. The self-described "purveyors of dark and uncommon goods" deal in meticulous handmade objects, such as 24K gold-plated jawbone ashtrays and scrimshaw pendants carved on 1920s piano keys. BS&PS share a dark purity of design with co-collaborator and NYC menswear label THECAST, whose founders, Chuck Guarino and Ryan Turner, run their studio out of a damp LES basement where the cement walls are supplemented with taxidermy and scattered vintage pornography. In 2006, this is where I briefly met BS&PS designer Derrick Cruz, who showed me a cottonmouth snake head scarf bolo, handcarved in brass. Their pieces feel as if they were stolen from the home of a wealthy eccentric in the early 1900s, neither flamboyant nor fashionable, but stately in a peculiar way. Expensive as fuck? Yes. But well worth owning. 

See you out and about tonight...
xxxx The Fashist Dictator

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