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and lets not even mention the fact that I loved it.
But I will explain all of that later.

In Boston, it's extremely hard to believe anything you see and take it seriously. In fact, in my humble , or not so humble opinion I don't believe half the shit that goes on. However, Sunday night Barnicle made me believe every note and line. So allow me to point out key stops on the Barnicle's rock and roll road of faith. Trust me , they make it easy enough so that there aren't too many stops on this road map, to the return of the girl next door with great tits(c'mon, Karen you know its true), and even bigger balls.


First and foremost, Barnicle is not only musically brash . But on stage carry a stage presence reminiscent of Veruca Salt meets John Water's "Cry Baby". Karen Barnicle's convictions, declarations, and exaggerations are made subtle through her all knowing facial expressions. Eyes bright, conveying a small smirk allowing you into a joke that you have heard maybe one too many times, but for fucks sake whats wrong with laughing one more time?


Flanked to Karen's right, Joan Jett/ Chrissy Hyde mash-up bassist Lindsay Star keeps time while reminding us that these girls can head-bang with the best of them. However, not to be outdone,lead guitarist Kevin Rheault's jarrying and well crafted solos( seriously, haven't seen one of those in a real long time) and drummer Lucian Garro's steady beat's and severe technical prowes, give these ladies the backing they need in order to keep us on our feet.


In between sets, I had the opportunity to have some great " im drunk and pretending to be intelligent" conversation with Karen.
Unlike my conversation's with Hercule's and Love Affair's Andy and Nomi, this one wasn't punctuated with useless star struck rambling. Quite contrary I found myself , taking the stance of a friend and follower excited for the future of this band.
Throughout my conversation with Karen especially in regard's to the future of Barnicle , Karen or "The Martha Stewart of Rock and Roll" to quote her is simply looking to,
"Be in band with my friends and be happy."
However, Karen notes; " Music is getting much more digital, and the live performance is dying , so we are just trying to keep it real"
Honestly, how can I disagree with someone that plugs straight into their amp? Any suggestions?

All things taken into consideration although, Im not really a huge fan of live shows at Middlesex , Barnicle delivered above and beyond. Seemingly appearing to be your best friends garage band, and a whirlwind of 90's throwback estrogren driven rock and roll.

Im sure you were all thinking... just when I had gotten over giving lengthy kiss ass reviews, and then its the Barnicle CD release party.
I know thats what Im thinking right now, but fuck it , they really are that good.

Speaking of good , the Barnicle CD release show also brought another couple of facts to the light....



Never to not give credit where credit is due, Dr Claw's opening set was literally everything I needed to hear last sunday. Maybe its the freak nasty in me, but Im really into the slow build up in all facets of my life. But especially regarding opening night sets. All too often I have been finding that people just jump right into and almost suffocate the night to death before it even wakes up. Dr Claw, did just the opposite of that a set, we were allowed to ease into our night . Gradually brought to life with such standouts as Rick James's oldie but a goody, "Ghetto Life." and even better we were lucky to hear U-Tern's phenomenal remix of Kelis's "Trilogy"


Not really too sure if I could count on the infamous Texas Mike to be a team player in this situation , I found myself very pleased with the flow from Claw to Mike. First, rather than rushing to pick up things, Mike again allowed for the listener to gradually fall into place with the motion of his tracks. I was especially pleased with Mike's attention to detail while picking and choosing the element's of his set. Although , overlooked occasionally, Boyz ( twelves mix) was a well welcomed piece to his set, and honestly got the blood moving to all the right spots. By the way, feel free to do what you want with that information, perverts.

But, I think the true standout of the evening in regards to getting the party started was definately our personal favorite, The Pill's Micheal V.


And I think I'll start with this statement....

"Boston electro Djs duck for cover. Micheal V is coming and he is not leaving survivors, organ donors, or widows for that matter."

Very rarely do I like to use the term " banger" in fact the term is an affront to my every sense, including smell.
However, Micheal V's collection of indie rock remixes including a fist pumping, ass fucking ,jaw dropping remix of MGMT's "Kids", had literally everyone left at middlesex dancing like there probably wasn't going to be a tommorow. My stance was this, as long as Micheal keeps this shit up, im looking forward to tommorow as long as he's djing.

So , to sum everything up

Welcome back Micheal V, and Congrats to Barnicle

knight of 77

p.s the weeks event pickscoming asap.

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