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Our Tuesday evening , or rather last night was pretty interesting, to say the least.
Besides the fact that the weather was strangely apocalypse like , in regards to the roaring winds and dark ominous clouds that covered the night sky.
But enough of me delving into my obviously burgeoning poetry career.

In any case Tommy and I decided to hit up two of the more conflicting parties going on that evening , Emarce's Ice Cream Social and Boston's very own HearthThrob.

Beginning at IceCream social wound up being to our advantage, due to the fact I was able to grab a couple of words from DJ Emarce, who was definitely giving me Little Richard meets Jerry Lee Lewis. I know,so hectic, but all so fitting at the same time.
In any case there were a couple of major questions to be asked especially regarding the validity of this party , because as some of you may or may not know there are dozens of long established 50's and 60's based dance nights in Boston i.e ZuZu's Mambo Beat Club, and occasionally overlooked, Cheep Thrills A GO GO. So, It was extremely important for me to discover what exactly is going to separate this party from the others.
Emarce, never lost for words, quickly notified me of his love regarding all things 50's and 60's and is appreciation for the xm radio 50's station. However, there was an urgency in Emarce's approach to wanting to "turn kids on to something different." Almost, indicating a lack of faith in our so loved Boston electro scene, and for the record,
can you blame him? Throughout the duration of our quick conversation, Emarce often used the word "different." either, in regards to "wanting to do something different" or " be a part of something different." to name just a few examples.
But , despite an obvious enthusiasm and excitement, I could not help but wonder If just saying you love the fifties, spinning doo-wop, making your night 18plus, and handing out free vegan Ice cream is really doing something "different."
Honestly,anyone can say they love the 50's , make your night 18plus, and hand out ice cream. Those of us that have been going out in Boston, know that we have seen this before, and I think we're going to need to see a lot more before Ice Cream Social becomes anymore than just that...another Ice Cream Social.

On the other end of things, our evening takes us to HeartThrob.
This evening is of particular interest, because it is our dear Katie Frothingham's birthday, and not to be ignored a live video shoot of for Jokers of The Scene.
I guess due to the bowl we smoked in the car, HeartThrob literally made my heart throb/ slight skip in the beat, heads swell, and balls drop. This time, we have to hand it to them, despite the cold outside HeartThrob was full of pre Halloween energy. From the CEO's mime get up, and all the way to a short bald man in a bunny suite ( h e c t i c ). Moving forward, when we arrived Morgan Louis was on, and I was def feeling it. A nice audio based "pu-pu" platter of electro house, so to speak. Although, JOTS kept us moving and strangely aroused I felt like there was really no build up within the set. Felt a lot like being led in circles through the nice part of town, enjoyable but redundant.
However, that is just one angle on the situation, and here's another one
"these girls are too short to be pushing into me"

Knight of 77'

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  1. Vibeke Angelle On October 30, 2008 at 11:43 PM

    apocalyptic, poet.

    very nice though.