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I recently saw Russel Brand and his rouched satin pants, sheer lycra top with uber-femme waistband and Ann Demulemeester S/S 08' (LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLAST YEAR gasp) cardigan at the unemployment office in Trafalgar Square, he told me "ey' Mate, I love the Queeny.(no pun intendo)" This didn't actually happen, but his contrived "Devil may care" just woke up next to your girlfriend look makes me want to look forr my 24k wrist slittler think that if we ever did encounter each other, that would be the only case senario. Then he would ask me if I knew what crumptets were and I'd be all like, "crumpeys?" being coy. He would tell me he "thinks a well-fit bloke" and "this is the first bloody time I've done this"then I'd have to go to Page Six and The Sun and tell them about how I got my first case of crabs. G'day mates.

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