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I can't figure out a way to start off this post. Maybe I just can't top myself after such a complex Australian satire, aka the post below this, aka the only fucking post this weekend (aka THATZAKBROMAN.INFO)

Don't worry, Knightof77 and I were out for most of the weekend. I'm sure he has a lot more to write about, but the Barnicle (pictured above) CD release show at the Middlesex Lounge was easily the highlight of the weekend for me. It's great to cap off a Sunday with an open bar and siqq bangers. I don't want to steal my blogmatey's thunder, cause I know he'll write about it later tonight, but let me give a shout out to Dr. Claw for getting things rightly started so that Texas Mike could do his thing yall, even dropping my faves Bangers & Cash like a true DJ only would.

I'm going to put a mix of one of my sets this weekend for you later tonight, but for right now check out this track by other personal faves The Russian Futurists:

The Russian Futurists are/is essentially a neighborly Canadian by the name of Matt Hart, who I added on the Facebooks in a vain attempt to tell him he was doin it right. Or at least tell him that his music reminds me of my ex-gf's smiling face during an early-December winter in Harvard Square:

No really, get on that box of tips I just gave you. The guy is talented and you should buy all of his stuff. I'll see you later tonight kids.

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