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I find the pace of fashion seasons to be a bit cumbersome, so it always takes me a while to make my way through the shows as the pictures get released. It just feels like constant inundation, you know? It's hard to feel like anything is new when there's a revolving door of garments spinning past your vision. Anyway...

Here are some of my thoughts from a few Spring 2009 shows, which all happen to be from "A"-named designers; more specifically, ready-to-wear by A.F. Vandevorst and Akris, and couture by Alexis Mabille

A.F. Vandevorst
(Above Left) I adore this not-quite-minimalist but definitely futurist look. So smart. (Above Right) Such an interesting dress, both in drape and texture. I'd wear this for day with grey boots, sunglasses, and an enormous mongolian fur gilet.
(Above Left) You had me at laser cut leggings with Bowie boots. (Above Right) Over the top? I mean, for SOME people maybe. The garters might be a little Rocky Horror for real world consumption but the satin piece over the tights and contrasting underwear has my full approval.

(Above Left) This notched neckline reminds me of hyper-pixellated Atari 8-bit games, and I love the sheer skirt. Please ignore the shoes. (Above Right) I recommend a trip to to view larger images of this dress. I want to feel this chunky basket-weave material and see it up close; the heavy silhouette it creates is so modernized by its transparency.

Alexis Mabille (Couture)
(Above Left, Right) These two dresses, simple as they may appear, perfectly illustrate what couture craftsmanship can do for a basic shape. I am SO beyond pleased that this black v-neck column (Above Left) was not accessorized with a necklace for the show. The billowy, sparkling one-shoulder (Above Right) has a hint of Studio 54 and yet could be worn to a formal fundraiser as well...versatility that might be particularly appreciated at this price point.
...Now, if you thought I was going to let this designer off without pointing out some of the other sheer fuckery that flew down the runway during his 54-look couture show (in this global economy!), you're wrong. After the perfectly executed shapes of the black gowns, it pained me to see looks verging on Bebe-designed Nutcracker ballet costumes. I reserve no kind words for cuffed tan capris worn with black pointy-toed pumps (Above Right), ever. And that burnt umber velvet hat (Above Left) takes an already cheeky outfit straight into slapstick territory. Fortunately for male models, getting laid so easily helps take the sting off tangible indignities like this one. JUST SAYING.

See you at Circus tonight!

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