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I know that I have been strangely absent from the world of the blog . I guess you can say, I haven't really been on my "tip" I've spent a lot of time contemplating , and quite honestly looking for the meaning in my "tip". All innuendo's aside I believe this is the week to really get out there , and shift through the rubble of Boston.

However, first things first ...

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photo by Braden Wheeler

Rescue Night,
although every two weeks, has been taking all the necessary steps to maintain it's initial momentum. I found that this Sunday , not only did our favorite lady DJ (jeralyn) deliver , some of the best of the unheard of. Jeralyn has also strayed away from one of the easiest thing a DJ can do , and that is stick to the same 15 safety tracks, and to be honest I have been guilty of committing this senseless crime.

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Photo by Braden Wheeler

Always, keeping the listener on the tips of his/ her toes regarding, what is coming right around the audio based bend. Although, still in its infancy , and I have never been a fan on Sundays. Maybe , Rescue Night, has made it little easier for all of us to endure Sundays.

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Photo By Braden Wheeler


p.s Week in advance ... coming up right in ya gutzzzzzz

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