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The gloves are coming off this week! Billy Mays, the original pitch man (OxyClean, Orange Clean, Mighty Putty, Zorbeez) called Vince from ShamWow into the ring on Adam Carolla's morning show a couple of days ago. I'm surprised no mention was made of  Vince's mysterious past, because Mays certainly took the low road:
The most entertaining thing about this is the 8 Mile reference around the 2:10 mark, which reminded me of Puma's mp3 showdown at Enormous Room last night. I have to hand it to Puma for the fantastic idea; nothing keeps a party interesting like tension and variety, which came in spades. Some of the participants' gimmickry kept the stakes decidedly low, detracting from the "contest" vibe, but I'll give props to anyone doing something different and drawing such a motley cast of characters.

I'm off to let my inner prom queen get her beauty rest, since tomorrow night brings the pill's black prom with the Sun Lee Sunbeam, and Saturday is FTW's Fantastaprom. Come out...

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