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Eyeglasses are a complex accessory. There are those, of course, who wear them out of sheer necessity with no regard to fashion (sad indeed). In the best cases, oft-worn prescription specs can become a base part of a person's aesthetic almost like an added facial feature. Decoratively speaking, I instantly picture model Cole Mohr, who, when he first moved to NYC, always wore black lensless frames with vastly oversized shirts, layered long johns, and patent leather lace-ups. Sadly, two-plus years later, hipster abuse has mired for-adornment-only eyewear in Hot Topic cliche. Until now.

I was instantly charmed by these Kiel Mead glasses with "freckle" specked lenses, from The Future Perfect. The vintage frames are somber, but maintain their sense of humor up close. This pair is cheeky and chic, with a (rare) quiet sense of irony.
As a statement, they stand alone and would be well-paired with a white tee, peg pants and military boots. If you really want to look sharp, however, you'd be well advised to pick up a few F/W 2009 pieces to pair them with. These runway looks from Trovata (below left) and Dries Van Noten (below right) would work it out for me.
I could also see them with this girlier, layered look from Nanette Lepore (below left) if simpler shoes were involved, or next to this whip-smart color combination from Boy Band of Outsiders (right).
One last bonus? The glasses do double-duty to filter out the kind of style-deficient boys who "don't make passes" at bespectacled beauties.

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