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Free show! 04-06-09

Check it out; on April 6th, ROGUEWAVES will be spinning at Middlesex Lounge (Cambridge) for our good friends at Illius Rock:

"Welcome back! This is our second go-round and we've got another lovely lineup of Boston's best.

* Pretty and Nice!
Fresh from SXSW, this is the last chance to catch them before they leave for tour.
* Sincerely, the Management!
* Big Big Bucks!
* And a special appearance by Kate Radio!

The lovely Lara Callahan will be returning for another amazing photobooth. You'll want to shower.

To RSVP, head to and click "Are you in?" on the right. You'll need to create an account or login. Your RSVP lets you bring guests. All set!"

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