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Here are some of the tracks I've been dropping around Boston.

Que is essentially Slovakia's answer to all of the bullshit electro that has been filtering through der bloghaussphere lately. This has a fucking killer 808 synth drop; I can't get enough of it.

Que - "Let's Go To My Place"

This guy is probably my favorite. Those zany Japs are always up to something. Check out this batshit crazy disco-clash-electro-funtime-dance-party-USA stuff from Ridé. Reverse-vocals, beatmashing, discolines? OK, sure, whatever you say dude.

Don Diablo
looks like a Euro-bro that I could probably chill with - the kind that I can drink a few Heinekens with while we talked about our favorite "barber spa" or something. Despite the fact he takes this hooligan disco thing too seriously, I think he's doing it right. Check it out:

Don Diablo - "Hooligans Never Surrender"


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