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Saturday night, I had the privilege of attending the new House of Blues opening party on Lansdowne St., which served as the perfect excuse to both purchase and debut the vintage feathered chapeau shown below. The lovely Saffron, who was with me at Poor Little Rich Girl in Davis Square when I bought it, was also sweet enough to document it for me downstairs at Circus later that evening. Photo by Saffron:
It really played up my newish Yves St. Laurent dress from Rescue, and gave me the pluck- HA, GET IT?- to push through such a stimulating (read: exhausting) evening. 

At the opening, I also ran into the innately cool Susie G of Click/Clash, who entertained me with witty banter over the (open) bar and also snapped a pic of my hat.

A few odder highlights? Well, there were the multiple people who told me I have "such beautiful hair!" whilst mistaking my beloved topper for some kind of multi-tonal beehive wig. But perhaps the strangest encounter of the night came when a twentysomething woman cut through the crowd and petted my head, exclaiming "it feels like a kitty cat!" She then proceeded to say, while looking her cringing boyfriend right in the eye, that "kitty cats just like being petted the right way" in a sexy voice, before dramatically striding away. I suffer to think what that poor fellow was subjected to at the end of the night...

Stay tuned in the next couple of days for a big post from me on a salon re-opening, my favorite hairstylist Tobey Van O, and some great skin care products/tips.


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  1. ~Saffron~ On February 24, 2009 at 7:22 PM

    So glad randomly contacting you for a thrift store outing turned out to be a thing of beautiful destiny.

    The Swagger Jackers On March 4, 2009 at 5:54 PM

    I can't wait to check out the House of Blues venue..I can't remember if its the Cut Copy show or the Presets, but I'll be checking it out soon!