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While the ON THAT TIP crew settles down to rest for a little bit (albeit in a tiny, cramped room in Allston which 2/3 of us are squatting in), I'd just like to take the time to tell you that Banger's Hang the DJ was out of control. Middle East Downstairs was at capacity, the energy was high, and I was sweating my dick off. Expect a more in-depth review from Mister Girl later this week.

As for now, tomorrow (Monday) will be a very busy day / night for ROGUEWAVES. We're doing a radio show from 12PM - 2PM on WRBB 104.9FM with our good friend Susie G (clickclash). Tune in live on your radio OR stream it on the internets at

Then, from 7PM onward, we will be playing Middlesex Lounge for the Illius Rock launch party for our other good friend Lindsey Starr of Barnicle.

Until later.

- Zak Broman

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