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I like to think of weekdays/workdays as shitty commercial breaks in what would otherwise be a fairly excellent show; generally annoying, occasionally amusing, and always in the way of what you really want. Since it's Thursday, and I'm ready to revel in the electro-indie-weekend-scenecest™ that is Allston/Boston right now, I woke up today with a saltier attitude than usual at the prospect of...another weekday. TWO more, actually.

Around 10:30A, my phone rang and a random number popped up, so I picked it up to curse out whatever trifling telemarketer had the nerve to hit me up before noon. Well lo and behold, apparently the random raffle entry I filled out at a StyleFixx event months ago got drawn, and I won almost a grand worth of tooth whitening and medical spa services at BriteSmile on Newbury!

Photo credit: Lara Stone, shot by Terry Richardson, styled by La Reine Roitfeld for French Vogue
LOLCapshun: Jezebel, which has an amazing collection of other LOLVogue spreads here

BriteSmile "Medspas" have an excellent reputation in the beauty industry, so that's a solid place to start. But before I get too excited about this "big win", I have to schedule my fancy FREE CONSULTATION and get the someone who works in marketing, I know that "FREE" often means cash not accepted, souls welcome. And who knows, maybe my free raffle money is only valid towards something three times more expensive than its value.

As your resident skeptic and brave beauty/style explorer, I will report back to you with the details of my BriteSmile consultation experience and the place itself (and whether I will actually be redeeming any of my credit there).

I do agree that yellow teeth and looking haggard aren't a 2009 look to shoot for- fuck it, even Winehouse is cleaning up! Stay tuned for my BriteSmile Newbury review.

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